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Objectives of the MISTICA Project

The main objective is to structuralize and reinforce a network of researchers and institutions using the NICTs for cooperative research, development and community work in Latin America and the Caribbean.

To support this goal, efficient methodological tools are necessary. The conceptualization and experimentation of said tools is another main objective of the project whose reach goes beyond the group contemplated in this project.

The project will also produce publications and construct a reference Internet site (clearinghouse) to collect and present information, experiences, contacts and links to other sites related to the social use of the NICTs.

The two main objectives are composed of several specific objectives:

  1. To identify and contact active researchers and institutions working in social development in Latin America from the NICT perspective.

  2. To develop and reinforce exchanges and cooperation in research between key actors.

  3. To debate collectively, in face-to-face meetings or through the Internet, agenda and priorities regarding the challenges of the NICTs for the development of the region.

  4. To organize a regional meeting (in Saman�, Dominican Republic, in April 1999), to debate key problems and define strategic priorities for research and action regarding NICT for development.

  5. To organize and experiment with tools of virtual community before, during and after the regional meeting.

  6. To organize and maintain a reference web site (clearinghouse) with the regional information related to projects, activities, experiences and contacts of the NICTs for development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  7. To follow key ideas and support the definition of projects with seed funds.

  8. To construct an association with the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation regarding an institution supporting the project with a view to other possible future projects.

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