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Presentation of the MISTICA project
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Presentation of the Expected Products of the MISTICA Project

The first three products of the project, corresponding to the construction of capacities beyond the project itself, are the following:

  1. To construct a human network for research and appropriation of the NICTs, with the perspective of conducing and interpreting social changes, with the capacity and information resources to implement actions of cooperation.

  2. Design, apply and validate a methodology for the articulation of virtual communities and allow participation at a distance to face-to-face meetings.

  3. To create, in form of a "clearinghouse", a network of decentralized information about actors, projects and activities related to the social impact of the NICTs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

It may be expected therefore, that the number and the quality of the actions of cooperation generated and executed by the target group may grow as a medium term result.

Several additional products must be accomplished during the project:

  • Elaborate the Thematic Workshop "Society and ICT" of the FPH.

  • Strengthen the C&I system of the Alliance.

  • Definition the agenda of priorities on challenges confronted by the region of Latin America and the Caribbean for the development of the NICTs with a vision towards social impact, integrating perspectives of gender and other discriminated groups.

  • Conduct preliminary studies and pilot applications making contributions to the diagnosis of the impact of the NICTs in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean in different flows, which may serve as a base for discussions during the meeting (possible topics, issues of gender, social exclusion, experiences and challenges in civil society, implications for education, health and community organization, etc.).

  • To have a regional meeting of actors and researchers specialized in the use and social impact of the NICTs in LAC, in Samana, Dominican Republic (April 1999), with the purpose of analyzing preliminary studies and defining strategies and action plans regarding pilot applications to be developed in the future.

  • To experiment with a series of pilot applications for the social use of the NICTs for development (possible applications: strengthening of the presence of women in the networks, decentralization of the access of the Haitian network for research on development, with access and training of communities, establishment of a methodology for the evaluation of impact of the projects of electronic networks and virtual communities, etc.)

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