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MISTICA Clearinghouse

      The metasite of the Mistica project is being re-organized. This activity is part of what whe call Mistica2, the second stage of the project Mistica.

      This is a reference to a web site concerning the social impact of the Internet (in other words, the society-ICT relationship, or the social aspects of the information society).

      Those interested in the topic can find the information about projects, local actors and actrices and international organizations in this clearinghouse organized as a thematic library.

      To fulfil this task, we conducted an APPEAL TO THE SOCIO FOR COMPLETING THE METASITE (14/8/2002 - In Spanish) to the virtual community. Now we can officially confirm that this task has evolved to become part part of a program "Analysis and organization of a database of educational content on specialized web sites in Latin America" of the General Board of Educational Orientation and Services of the Autonomous University of Mexico.

      The post graduate students majoring in Pedagogy of the corresponding field are involved in this resesarch under coordination of Prof. Miguel �ngel Perez �lvarez.

      The Bibliographic References on Information and Communications Techologies Catalogue is available for promoting equitable and sustainable development in Latin America.

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