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Organization and Agenda of the MISTICA Project

There are two components in the project, which must be considered together, in order to have a good interaction, and generate mutual benefits:

  • contents: this element is based on the development of a human community and an information network
  • methods: the creation of information and communication systems, in association with the contents

1: 6 monthsPreparation of the project and the meeting (contents)Preparation of the project and meeting (method and logistics)
2: 1 weekAdministration of the meetingAdministration of the meeting
3: 3 monthsMeeting resultsMeeting results and organization of the advanced methodology for the virtual community
4: 11 monthsCreation of the human network and contents of the clearinghouse.
Use of pilot applications
Support the human network with tools and experiments with the methodology
5: 4 monthsEvaluation of contentEvaluation of methods
6: 1 weekEstablishment of a sustainable chart after the projectEstablishment of a sustainale chart after the project

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