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Presentation of the MISTICA Project
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Full Presentation of the MISTICA Project

After the previous presentation of MISTICA, which proposed general information, this page presents elaborate documents concerning the project:

  • the summary of the project document

  • the entire project document, in a file available for download.


This document presents a series of activities supported by the IDRC and the FPH. The main implementing institution is FUNREDES, which will base its administration on a set of regional partners. The agenda has a 24 month duration. The set of projects has a unique framework with two mutually supported objectives:

  • the strengthening of the social actors of the NICTs of Latin America and the Caribbean, through the constitution of a human network for research and appropriation of new technologies, with the support of advanced means of communication and information and pilot applications.

  • the experimentation of a structuring methodology for virtual communities: adequately integrating resources of information and communication, offering solutions to language obstacles and allowing participation of people lacking NICT resources, thus accommodating participation at a distance by people to face-to-face conferences.

Both objectives, with the purpose of reducing project dimension, center their definition on the Internet and its applications. Therefore, the first one will support the Internet as a means of providing information and communication and will promote pilot applications based on said platform. The second one will employ tools on the Internet to structure and link virtual communities related to the project.

The two promoters of the project are IDRC (International Development Research Center of the Canadian Government) and the FPH (Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind). The main implementing organization is Networks and Development Foundation, FUNREDES (Fundaci�n Redes y Desarrollo) and will receive support from other regional partners.

The project inserts itself within a series of reference actions of the main partners, contributing and receiving the project within a mutual framework of synergy.

  • The regional IDRC PAN program for the promotion of collaboration between research and development, by means of the NICTs. This program has been developed with great strength in Asia (Pan Asia Networking).

  • The new "thematic workshop" opened by the FPH in conjunction with this project titled "Citizenship and CIT", as part of the program "social mutations and innovations" (INO).

  • The Alliance for a World Responsible and of Solidarity, a movement inspired by the FPH and its efforts towards the creation of conditions for radical and positive changes in the course of humankind. This movement experimented with conferences in which participation at a distance and automatic translation have been basic ingredients (PAD project).

  • The EMEC and IS-NTIC projects, by FUNREDES, both offer a conceptual framework for the effective and integral management of electronic conferences with an automatic translation component and a "clearinghouse" embryo for the social sector of the NICTs of the region.

  • Of common interest to all of the above, directed towards the construction of a "clearinghouse" of the social actors of the NICTs of the region. This information resource, in free internet access, would allow the user to know each individual actor and project in an organized manner and would also play a central role in a policy of promotion of cooperation between actors, in addition to the effective evaluation of joint actions.

The realization of the project has been contemplated to have five main stages:

  1. The identification of the principle participants and the preparation of a regional meeting with associated information and communication resources. The objective of the meeting would be the production of a document orientating the FPH regarding the main line of action to be implemented in the field of application research of the NICTs with great impact and to identify a set of pilot applications to be developed within MISTICA. The preparation of the meeting includes:

    • Create a "clearinghouse" about actors, projects and relevant activities.

    • Experimenting with methodologies of discussion at a distance prior to the meeting.

    • Conduct preliminary studies for regional diagnosis and the drafting of a set of documents that will serve as the base for the meeting.

  2. The regional meeting of approximately 25 regional actors. Supported by some actors from other regions and the people responsible for programs from participating institutions. The objectives of this meeting were explained above.

  3. The compilation and production of the results of the conference, accompanied by the preparation of an advanced methodology for the management of information and communication resources associated to the main stage of the project.

  4. The creation of the human network of social actors of the NICTs, supported by experimenting with well structured information and communication resources, accompanied by a series of pilot(*) applications, to include, at the beginning, the elaboration of the Thematic Workshop "Society and ICT" of the FPH and the strengthening of the information and communication resources of the Alliance. The meeting will define other pilot applications.

  5. The evaluation of the project and its products and the definition of future perspectives(**):

    • Human Network of Social Actors of the NICTs in Latin America and the Caribbean and associated pilot applications.

    • Information and communication resources related to the network.

    • Information and communication resources of the Alliance.

    • Thematic Workshop "Society and CITs" of the FPH.

    • Methodology for structuring communication and information resources.

It is possible to download the complete project document (the public version).

(*). It has been considered to dedicate part of the budget for support to selected pilot applications. These will be managed under the supervision of the coordinating team, by one of the regional partners of the project.

(**). For this purpose it has been considered to organize a second regional meeting, but its cost has not been included in the budget of the project.

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