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The EMEC Project

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EMEC System devices
Sistem Requirements
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The project deals with the creation of an electronic conference system based on listed serves and moderation alleviating existing inconveniences that limit participation:

  • information overload
  • loss of focus
  • linguistic obstacles in multilingual communities
and it takes advantage of advanced installations for the management of information resources to promote a spirit of participation with respect to transparency and time made available by professionals.


Two types of devices are considered:

  • those allowing greater focus and management of information overload
  • those promoting and expanding community communication..

Moderation and systematic animation, delivery through the net of structured summaries compatible with documentation and organized message filing standards for voluntary and easy recovery are the main ingredients from the focus point of view. Translation of messages, support for users and training to reinforce network culture are the basis of the facilitating component.


Physical Resources

  • Internet Node
  • 4 workstations

Human resources

  • Coordinator, moderator, animator
  • Technical Assistant for administration of Internet node and its applications
  • Web site designer
  • Responsible for documents and content
  • Translator

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