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Workshops for network administration

Other workshops and sessions

Other documents of interest about formation (recommended from FUNREDES)


One of the fundamental aims of FUNREDES is to promote the formation and organisation of the users of the NICT. This should be realized in a form which permits them to take responsable control over technology and to participate in the management of technological solutions. This objective implies the demythologization of technologies and the understanding of their sociological and human impacts.

Therefore all our proyects include one important component of formation and capacity aspects with access to the NICT. The aim is to give the users the full and consciousness profit of its potential human and social development.

In our development projects and in our projects to strengthen the networks of investigation the following aspects have the most importance:

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projects especially for formation:

Projects with a strong emphasis on formation:


Our experience in forming and teaching:

Project REDID in the Dominican Republic

This formation was integrated because not only telematic engineers are formed, but as well employees in marketing and support. The people will have a global vision of the INTERNET, they will unterstand its history and its social, economic and cultural impact, and, of course, the complete functional and technical aspects.

In the same market dozens of actions have been performed for three Dominican universities (UASD, INTEC and PUCMM), groups of ONG's (Environmental and representing the womens interests), and cooperations (the embassy of Venezuela). In the same way there have been organized numerous sessions for the public and the clients of AACR in a hotel in the capital of the Dominican Republic.

Lectures of formation and making sensible connected to the FUNREDES projects in Haiti,


In Venezuela

The petrol industry of Venezuela has used services of FUNREDES to workout a program to get used to the working information and communication technologies, addressed to PEQUIVEN, a company of the petrol industry. Later it was contacted by CORPOVEN and it was chosen in conversations with the CIED for other similar initiatives.


Other formations of technicians and specialists


Workshops for network administration:

FUNREDES has realized workshops and accessories for network responsables and administrators (Mostly in Haiti and in the Dom. Republic). This was done in the field of strategical, technical-administrative and institutional aspects, explaining a methodology and a full vision of the problems.


Other workshops and sessions - actions to form the users - technicians and information specialists:


Other documents of interest about formation (recommended from FUNREDES):

"Connect less", Ing. Ana Julia Robalino de Abad, Ecuador

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