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Presentation of FUNREDES

The Foundation Networks and Development (FUNREDES) is an NGO dedicated, since 1988, to the dissemination of the NICTs in the south, with a vision centered on users and content. FUNREDES has always focused methodological research as its center of gravity, under the concept of research-action. For FUNREDES, experimentation in the field must accompany conceptualization of methodologies after experimentation in the field. This is its methodology to construct networks of researchers in developing countries (http://funredes.org/funredes/html/english/metoeng.htm) has served as the base for the constitution of three national networks of researchers (RCP-Peru, in 1991; REDID-Rep. Dominicana, in 1992; REHRED-Haiti, in 1993). Likewise, its methodology for negotiation of non-profit networks with telecommunication operators (http://funredes.org/funredes/html/ english/teleceng.htm) has allowed support for the growth of two national networks (REDID and REHRED) and contributed to the constitution of its own Internet server. Funredes has dedicated many projects to training, organization and moderation of virtual communities and has conceptualized a methodology for efficient management of same (http://funredes.org/funredes/emec.htm), product of experience and reflection. On the other hand, the impact of the NICTs at the socio-cultural and lingual levels is one of the principle aspects of research of this NGO, having its main office located in the Dominican Republic (http://funredes.org/funredes/html/english/socieng.htm).

Funredes has completed a first effort for identification of social actors of the NICTs in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the results are presented in its web site: http://funredes.org/is-ntic.

To know more about FUNREDES: http://funredes.org/english.

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