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Presentation of the FPH and the Alliance

The fundamental objective of the FPH, a non-profit Swiss Association, is to prepare humanity for the 21st century. The center of all its actions is to open the associative movement and to improve the autonomy of human networks and their capacity to respond and the search for alliances. The FPH develops seven research-action programs, one of these considers the relationships existing between technological innovations and society (INO). The work of the FPH in the NICT sector is distributed by continents. In Europe, the FPH has been one of the promoters of an exchange network on the use of the NICTs within a citizen viewpoint: VECAM (European and Citizen Vigilance on Information Highways and Multimedia: http://www.vecam.org/). A meeting held in Parthenay, on the topic "democracy and multimedia networks", represents the European equivalent of what FPH intends to accomplish in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The FPH has been the principle promoter of a movement in the civil society called "Alliance for a United and Responsible World" (http://echo.org) of global and integral vision. The project is constructed with a combination of local actions, regional or world meetings, and communication and information systems at a distance. The last meeting took place in Sao Paulo. Simultaneously, a system for participation at a distance, with the automatic translation component, has been used in the cities of Kigali, Alger, Barcelona, Bangalore, Tolga and Roubaix. This methodology, called Participation at a Distance (PAD), is a valuable contribution to experimentation with discussion techniques and methodology and represents; therefore, a sufficiently solid base on which to construct. In order to expand, it must confront challenges such as structuring populations in places where the Internet is not available and structuring different rhythms of the interactions: face-to-face and via NICTs.

In summary, the Alliance conducts efforts towards the creation of conditions that will enable radical and positive changes to occur for the medium and long term development of humanity.

To know more about the FPH: http://sente.epfl.ch/fph/
To know more about the Alliance for a United and Responsible World: http://echo.org

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