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The topic of the Social Impact in the MISTICA project

The goal of the project is to strengthen the community of researchers and actors of the TIC in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The means used to reach our goals are:

  • Identification of the members of the community.

  • Face-to-face and virtual meeting of these people.

  • Organization of all information about the subject in a clearinghouse

  • Community thinking within a prospective vision about the Information Society, and the definition of an action plan. The document used for reflection is available in several languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Successive chronological iterations of the document are also available.

  • Support of a set of pilot applications defined by the working agenda.

More information on these topics...

Members of the Community

See the Members' Directory.

The Meeting of the Actors of Social Impact of ICT's in Latin America and the Caribbean

A regional meeting of approximately 25 regional actors, supported by several actors of other regions and directors of the programs of participating institutions, will take place in the city of Samaná (Dominican Republic) from April 11 to 16, 1999. We will be experimenting with Participation At-a-Distance (PAD) at this meeting.

Please see the section dedicated to this event (currently available only in Spanish)

The MISTICA Clearinghouse

This is the concept of a place on the Internet which presents gathered information in a systematic fashion about a determined subject. A first sample will be online in October, 1999, and the final product will be available in August of the year 2000.

See the product, according to its date of availability.

The Successive Versions of the Work Document

The first part of the MISTICA Project, including the electronic conference and the Meeting in Samaná, has as one of its objectives to produce a Reflection Document for the FPH. The agenda of this task is the following:

  1. prior to the project: "doc-INO", the document "Men and Technologies" ("Los hombres y las tecnologías"), written by the FHP for its INO Workshop, and available in four languages
  2. prior to the electronic conference: the Work Document "doc-COORD", called "Information and Communication Technologies: The Management of a Positive Social Impact" ("Tecnolog´┐Żas de informaci´┐Żn y comunicaci´┐Żn: la gesti´┐Żn de un impacto social positivo"), written by the MISTICA Coordination Team and available only in Spanish (translations in progress).
  3. during the electronic conference and after the Meeting in Samaná: collective elaboration, by the Virtual Community, of the document "doc-CV"
  4. during the Meeting in Samaná collective elaboration of the document "doc-SAM" (in Spanish only, translations in progress).
  5. at the end of the project: submit a final document of the MISTICA Project, "doc-FIN"

Pilot Projects

Pilot projects which respond to the criteria of MISTICA will be selected according to the priorities established by the members of the project. A part of the budget (US$40,000) will be reserved to serve as seed funding for these projects and the coordination will set out to identify appropriate sources to convince other donors to complement these seed funds.

See the Call for Proposals (currently available only in Spanish).

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