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The Process of the
Virtual Discussion



Part One: Personal Presentations

a) Goals:

The formal presentation of the participation process that lasts from now until Saman�, and of the following documents:

1.Member Responsibilities
2.Advice on Writing for the Proper Use of Lists
3.Rules for the Proper Use of Lists

b) Duration:

1 week. End: 19th February 1999.


Part Two: Reasons for Discussion

a) Goals:

To reconsider the goals of the community in this stage, to begin the discussion, proposing the reading of the basic documentation – doc.Coord and doc.INO - to urge contributions to the following aspects:

1.Diagnostics and Scenarios: To modify and enrich the diagnostics. Critique the given scenarios.
2. Fundamental Considerations: To discuss the series of deontological values on which the project is built which are supposed to be accepted and to remain in the community.
3. Regional Perspective: To stimulate the identifying of aspects specific to the region that are important for the use of ICT, specifically the Internet, in applications with social impact. To encourage the use of prospection beginning here. It is possible that the discussion will define some sub-regions like the Caribbean or the Amazonian.
4. Subject Axes: To revising the proposal of high-priority areas in which it would be necessary to induce social impact by means of the Internet in order to produce positive changes in the quality of the life and to support the existent development programs.

The initially proposed topics are:

Democracy, Governability and Civil Participation
Economy and Productivity
Language and Cultures

b) Duration:

1 week, from 20th to 26th February 1999.


Part Three: Discussion

a) Goals:

To advance the exchange of ideas on the proposed topics. The moderation should work so that precise conclusion over the objectives and desired results of the Meeting in Saman� is reached. Equally, it should be alert to the contributions that induce adjustments to the pre-established scheme of the meeting. Rigid time intervals shouldn't be established, as our experience indicates that this may unnecessarily force the dynamics of the process. Remember Angela Hernandez's observations:

"It is enough that each topic is well accepted if it has:
a panorama of ideas,
an idea of the tendencies of consensus and disagreements,
queries and concerns,
reinforcing proposals"

b) Duration:

3 weeks, from 27th February to 20th March 1999.


Part Four:  Preparation Phase for Saman�’s Orientation Document

a) Goals:

To summarize the events of the electronic conference and to produce a document, doc.CV, that will be used to guide the activities in Saman�. The new document will be produced with the help of some of the Project Partners (still to define).

b) Duration:

2 weeks, from 21st March to 3rd April 1999.


Part Five:  Electronic Participation Phase

a) Goals:

To submit to the electronic discussion the doc.CV so that the virtual community, who contributed to writing it, can also review it.
The document produced in this phase will be what guides the activities in Saman�.

b) Duration:

1 week, from 4th April to 11th April 1999.

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