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EMEC Support Documents: Proposal of VC Discussion Agenda


We offer you a 4 stage plan:

Recommendations > Propositive schedule> Channels > Instrumentation.

STAGE 1: from 8/9/99 to 18/10/99, RECOMMENDATIONS FOR A SCHEDULE --------------------------------------

From the diagnostics we have made, the CV must produce recommendations for an integration of the region into the society of information, which implies a positive social impact. We will keep the same thematic structure for this phase:

  • Themes: education, gobernability and democracy, health, languages and cultures, economy and productivity.
  • Transversal axes: environment, gender, socially discriminated populations

STAGE 2: from 18/10/99 to 2/12/99, REALIZATION OF A PROPOSITIVE SCHEDULE ---------------------------

The VC is constituted of propositive groups who will organize and give priority to the stage 1 recommendations, and create a propositive schedule meant for society.

STAGE 3: 2/12/99 to 28/2/2000, DETERMINATION OF THE CHANNELS / MODALITIES ------------------------

The VC reflects and decides which of the channels and modalities are the most appropriate to make the established schedule go towards society, at regional, subregional and national levels.

STAGE 4: from 1/3/2000 to 31/8/2000, INSTRUMENTATION OF THE SCHEDULE ---------------------------------

The VC changes into an active group, for the instrumentation of the schedule according to the modalities, and through the previously established channels. Within each stage the parallelism of the themes and of the transversal axes will be maintained. From the 3 coming months until the end of the project (11/2000), there will be intensive evaluations and we hope we will be supported so as to schedule a face to face meeting.

How will each stage be led?
We are now expecting your ideas and suggestions.

We consider the possibility that a series of key questions can be formulated for each stage so as to channel the debates. What do you think? Any other suggestions?
We hope this program will suit you and that we will go on being an active VC in an experimental process. We also hope we will be able to to forget our observing intellectual posture and manage to be an active group who mean to reach clear aims, an who are efficient when it deals with reaching these aims.
Please do send us your critics and recommendations about what we have just introduced. In this process, you are the engine and the energy; the coordination is just hear to facilitate and to catalogue the process. Without your contribution, all this does not mean anything.

With our consideration and regards,
The Mistica coordination
[email protected]

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