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Subscription Form to the MISTICA project Virtual Community

Check the boxes on the left of the data you do not want to appear in the directory of the Virtual Comunity. Entering the data in this form is compulsory for the following fields: Name, First name, Age, Sex, and E-mail. It is also necessary to specify if you would like to receive original messages or automatic translations as well.
Our team is currently preparing to develop an advanced version of multilingual list management. For this reason we ask you to specify the language(s) in which you would like to receive the messages.
Two e-mail addresses must be separate by comma (,). Thanks for your understanding.

Do not

Subscription Form

Field of Activity
Personal/Institutional URL
Our team is preparing to develop EMEC-2. In which language(s) would you like to receive your messages? Spanish French English
Other - which
In this moment Mistica list functions only with the automatic translations of original messages. Do you prefer to:
Receive only the original messages (mainly in Spanish)
Receive the original message followed by the automatic translation

Optional (but recommended) :Should you wish to have a "personal page" in the Mistica directory, please answer briefly the following questions:

Who am I?. 
Whay does the thematic motivate me?. 
What are my expectatives from the experiment?.



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