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Invitation to participate: project about Social Impact of ICT

Subject: Invitation to participate: project about Social Impact of ICT

>>>>>>Sorry if this note reach you more than once.<<<<<<<


Directed to whom researches or acts upon and/or is interested on the

subject of Social Impact of the Internet in Latin America & the Caribbean.


We'd like to inform you about the project "Methodology and Social Impact of Information and Communication Technologies in America: http://www.funredes.org/mistica (or write to: [email protected] asking for the document, specifying one the following languages: English, French, Portuguese or Spanish).

We invite you to participate in the virtual community which is associated to this project (the invitation letter is in Spanish and can be retrieved in http://funredes.org/mistica/castellano/emec/invitacion/carta.html or received in reply of a mail to: [email protected] - or [email protected] - for plain ASCII).

Note on languages: Spanish will be the project language. However experiments on automatic translation (English, French, Portuguese) will be conducted in the third and largest phase of the project.


MISTICA project Coordination ([email protected])

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