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The New Technologies Society
Berg Antoine YORO
[email protected]
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The new technology evolution, transform all human habits in all domains of the economic and social life.
The problem is that men must be wise enough to use of moral manner these technologies that threaten our survival with viruses, of the robbery of credit cards, the child molestation...
What behavior does the humanity have to adopt in this new world?
What will the future applications be?
In short where goes the future of men?
To answer to all these questions us are going to make a sketch of answers in our exposed.


The technology in general, revolutions of the data processing and electronics shape in particular since decades the different society life.

Just before the 3 emes millennium it is time to become aware of consequences of the revolution of the new technologies of information and the communication (NTIC) on the society. Do several questioning put themselves to know : How must us to include to live in this new society of the information ? it is necessary to redefine the development ?

The research of information is a centennial problem, to possess it or to reveal it will be the weapon fatal of this new world. All price is necessary to master the NTIC.

Thanks to the NTIC information doesn't have any more gate and browse the globe in fractions of seconds, what pushes to understand the relation between highway information and the society.

The goal of this reflection is to try to understand perspectives that offer himself the humanity through these technologies and to see beyond these advantages, the type of behavior to adopt to live in this new redefined society; it is only a vision simplistic of our environment.

In Africa we are again only to the classic means (RADIO, TV… ) ; I plead for a help of countries developed to the poor countries of the south in order to give them the luck to participate in this new deal of the contemporary world that is : information superhighways.

Finally, the rich countries must also help the poor countries of all continents to operate their technological transformations and must get up to date for a democratization of information.


Internet appears nowadays as the only means to bring closer men and to break all ways of gates: Geographical, cultural, economic, technologies, social...
Who says information makes call to the new technologies

who imposes himself of herself to the society thanks to their speed, efficiency and their power to cover all the surface of the globe.

From that point of view we can put ourselves several questioning:

What relation does it exist between highway information and the new organisational type ? Is necessary to him to redefine the d�veloppement ang the new NGO activities, the society ?

In other words:

What is the influence of the NTIC in the society?
the impact? ... To what new society would we owe d�finir ?

To answer to these different questioning us are going to analyze the situation of the these NTICS in the society and to succeed to answers to our questioning.


Presentation and explanation of the theme
1 - concept of tele information

Tele: comes of the Greek � t�l� � and mean far away.
Information: action to give knowledge of a fact.
It is an information or a documentation on someone or something.
By definition highway informationis the fact to have access or to distribute information from afar.

With the revolution of electronics and the data processing highway informationhas for support networks of telecommunications (stationary, portable Telephone, Internet...) capable to transmit all type of information whatever is the place on earth.

One even goes farther with the arrival of telephony projects mobile satellite that cover all the planet (Iridium, Mobil star, Teledisc...) and return information more and more within reach of all; of where very important influence in the society.

2 - The Concept of society Redefined

Here we will keep the following definition: the society is the state of beings that lives in organized group or together, of individuals united within a same group by institutions, a culture...
The development is the capacity for a society to go from the before.
But this concept is taken today in hostage by the global village notions, virtual communities.

3 Situation of the NTIC in the world

As analyzing these two definitions us is going to make the state of new technology places in today's world.
We are going to summarize the NTIC globally to the Internet.
Information is strategic, geopolitics and even primordial it is for this reason that the rich countries put ways and means in place to master these technologies of information and to popularize them.
The networks Echelon proves it well without counting satellites military spies who are capable to see any point of the globe with an extremely precise definition.

In spite of different country obstructions, strength is to note that these technologies cost again too dear and return them inaccessible to the majority. What creates a society to double speed: a greatly to the perfume of informations s; the other again in the black of the under information. Not having access on TV information; therefore a society can measure the impact or the influence of the these NTIC that shape the society while opening him of news perspectives.

(Formation, abundant and fast information...)

From where a sketch of reflections that follows.


Influences of highway information on the redefined society
In the society influences of highway information are very numerous, I am going to enumerate some of most important.
I am anxious to recall that the society can also influence the of highway information

1–The technological innovations applied to information and their influence in the society.

Here information bring back on the news that the society can have by the slant of the NTICS.

It is necessary to also hear by information, all information can be exploited in the goal to pull a profit. All information needs to touch the majority of the population, and in one record time from where the new technology use.
They allow information to be universal, to touch a more large number of individuals; what has at the level for result the bringing together of the society, the abolition of distances and democratization of information.
But every people should use these information to good use in order to develop other processes as the domain of the formation, of the cultural brewing. Concerning this last point we are in a society not can live in autarcie because having all weapons for a mobility whatever is horizons and places.
In second dawned us can say that the application of the these new technologies to information can constitute a threat considering their speed, of their world accessibility. For example an information calling on xenophobia could destabilize large number of countries and of societies because existing no means to especially prevent him if it circulates on network internet.

After the end of the "Cold war" information took other turns otherwise,

(economic, industrial spying, strategic information and geopolitics…), more and more countries spend some huge sums to put in technological strategy œuvres from where the use of the NTIC by services of information that use some very pointed methods because of the collection of information on a big scale. (Interception of satellites, setting up of software of d�cryptage of conversations and the electronic mails), without omitting some special ISPS capable to pass in transit and to treat thousand of byte (1tera byte = 1000 billions of bytes) of information on their hard drives.
In this new millennium information represent a primordial data seen her influence in the conception and the setting up of process returning them sophisticated more and more.
For example telephones portable satellitaireses provided WAP, GPRS,UMTS, (navigator that allows the mobile telephones of reach to the web) show good that the society of this new millennium will continue to conceive systems to always make more effective highway information; one attends the birth of a new society, of a new social development type.
What are consequences of all these new technologies of information and the communication ?
Loss of the private life (listens to all conversations), without forgetting the important market loss by enterprises not mastering these means completely very sophisticated and costly..
One of these consequences is the rise of the crime organized.
To the look of this analysis I think that the NTIC applied to information should move rather in the domain of the natural disaster prevention (earthquakes, drought…) because dopey enough thanks to their capacity to collect innumerable information to the very elevated speeds.
For example to inform populations by e-mail or by site web of an any suspicion of earthquake or deluge etc..
To put in relation all centers of research on the natural disasters to coordinate their prospectings.
Concerning the press there will be invasion because houses that don't use these technologies (NTIC) will see to pull themselves the star…
All it can influence the process cultural of societies.

Information and cultural processes

The cultural process, whatever is the society is influenced by the behavior of men that lives in a region. The information descended of the new technologies vehicle also the other culture picture that can influence some process in other regions because being accessible of everywhere and print new manners to discern life.

For example a living people in forest, far from applications and innovations, technological will see her cultural process to develop without no outside influence because not having access to information coming besides.
It exists a danger nevertheless because information transported by the NTIC don't center with the reality of the land but phagocytent the process cultural from where the loss of the cultural identity or even in any case to act of the society that sudden these fluxes of information.
Every people will want to put on canvas her own culture not to undergo the big influences of the outside, what is going to push one to increase the profile of users of the clean, all layers of the society will be brought to develop sites and applications to transport contents wanted by every individual, this is how adds us to call to live tomorrow that begins today.

2 - The Professional Training

Whatever is the society, the formation appears as the real weapon to develop. When one observes countries, one notices that richest and developed are those that possess prestigious schools, institutes, centers of research, universities…
In the future , I think that one of priorities of States should be the formation while using means and tools of the NTIC capable to give information in all time and in all place to that wants to form themselves.
I take the example of a prestigious institute as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technologies) of which expenses of education are not accessible to tous ; that could put in place if it doesn't exist ; of the in line free courses being able to be accessible by any point of the globe. It is going to allow big numbers of researchers to benefit from results or works of research.
I think that this kind of initiative should be encouraged on the world plan in the goal to fight against the poor literacy and to decrease the flight of brains insofar as workers or researchers will have the same intellectual means. Highway information can give means in universities of the south to possess programs of formation equivalent to the one of countries developed.
Every society should give means inevitably to every individual so that it benefits from the effects positive of the NTICS in the domain of the formation.
To the south (poor countries) the problem is even more alarming because large number of formative don't know to manipulate the computer even less the tools modern of highway informationthat are the NTICS, what stops them from conceiving some in line courses to the profit of students.
In short the role of highway informationin the domain of the formation is to give the same level d �tude in a discipline given at any student whatever is her country of survey. For example a sosiologist of UK should have the same knowledge that her colleague of Ivory Cost, I will say an internationalization of the formation in this new millennium.
For the future technologies will be again more sophisticated and will allow a large number of people to opt for courses by correspondence, in line with the apparition of the special software of CAD ( Computer Aids Design) capable to replicate any environment of work for example in three dimension an electrician who manipulates a multimeter to measure the tension of a signal whose data have been taken on the real examples of laboratories or rooms of practical work.
Tons and tons of papers go can disappear to the profit of the DVD ROMS because the improvement of screens to plasma high resolutions are going to make fall in a considerable way the fashion of the classic reading of supports turning in general around the paper.

It is necessary to note that the classic formation to a very important role to play insofar as the teaching to need of the presence of a physical and present person before very well to be formed these NTICS then will make only only increase the new technics and methods of teaching.

All these new methods of formation, force the people to adjust, or even to think a new manner of quick the training of studies.

3 - The Politics

In the future , policies will only act only on the classic means of the highway informationof state (Radio, TV, Press..) To censor such or such information that it judges dangerous or destabilizing and especially in the poor countries where there are less private chains. (Radio, TV..)

The development of the NTICS to put at the disposal of the society of means to have access on TV information whatever is the place on earth.

The mobile telephone example that has access to Internet, using networks of telephony satellitaire moreover (Iridium, Mobil Star..) , watch well that in this new world leaders of countries should accept the democratic game while respecting the liberty of the press and of information.

One notices otherwise that countries where the democracy tramples on are afraid of the Internet and are not developed in general, but this deal is changing because in the future all medias will use a same support to propagate itself one will speak can be of united media to show that one alone terminal will be sufficient to use all technologies bound to the Clean the example of the Wap shows it already.

The diplomacy

In relations between States technologies of highway informationencouraged and multiplied exchanges.
Several years ago, the rich so-called countries (president) could make visioconf�renceses and phone themselves during a long time because of costs of means of telecommunication and performances of means used (by exemple : VSAT link).
Today the poorest country can communicate without concern with any country of the world because costs of telecommunication means lowered and diversified.
The power of the NTIC and their capacity to brew quantities of information influence all society whatever is configuration’s.

4 - The economy

Today, the couple highway information+ economy = Clean economy or electronic Trade (e-business).

The only means of advertisements for the commercial products had been the radio and the Tv for even some years and as the written press.
In the year 2002 highway information on the economic plan results in the electronic trade whose stakes are not anymore to demonstrate. In this new technology the distance is not anymore a handicap and it has some very important economic consequences. We enter in an economic news that functions manner different of the traditional models of sale.
With the clean economy sellers and consumers communicate while using the computer networks.
Having already given a conference to this topic of which theme �tait : Stakes of the Electronic trade : (July 1998), I think that it is the only luck for enterprises of all society to increase their profit and it permits to put on the same foot of equality all societies whatever is the place.
To survive challenges of internationalization it is not necessary to aim some local markets more only, it is necessary to leave while being at soit ; only means to participate in the flux of several billions of dollars that passes in transit every day on the Internet network.

This clean - economy creates new types of behaviors in the society, one doesn't leave anymore to make shoppings, market, all is joined at the end of the mouse of the ordinateur ; once besides highway informationdecides the behavior of men.

But this clean economy doesn't always make the happy, because in the poor countries it could be an utopia to reasons of infrastructures that are not developed very and the classic communication means practically existing, roads to route goods, without forgetting the lack of terminals airport, key of arch of the goods transportation on big distances. whoever can open a site web nowadays even though he/it has the tendency to be a merchant, but what strategies, middle and political setting up to be able to sell products effectively and to conquer some real markets. Data bases of sites merchant r�f�rencement should see the day for all country, all continent and interconnected to facilitate research efficient of information in order to attract the more large number of customers.
New types of e-business are going to see the day with the sale of data to social cultural, artistic and same characters (love, meeting, regards…)

Here applications of highway informationto the society are therefore very complex and multiple us are not going to enter in details, we wanted to only show the tie between highway informationand economy.

The emergence of the Startups watch well that in this new world the Neo economy obliges enterprises to pass a traditional vision to a vision in network, programmed where methods and the commercial strategies are function of product news waves bound to the data processing and all the modern applications.

5 - Health

No one can be unaware of the importance of highway informationnowadays in the domain of health. Physicians can exchange themselves results of their research or their diagnoses to follow their patients better.

But unfortunately, it is the richest countries that have access then to the NTICS they have a more elevated standard of living that to the south where tools of information are again the classic means (Radio, TV)
And even in these poor country societies it is necessary to be in capitals where close by to benefit of advantages of highway informationthe proof is that to the 21 emes century some people are unaware of the existence of the AIDS and other deadly illnesses again.
It is the opportunity to put networks of highway informationin place (access point for medical information) capable d ' to inform populations of curses that watch the humanity.
One finds again in Africa of them � tradipraticiens � that are healers who use the medicinal plants of forests to take care of patients, but for lack of information and structure their discoveries cannot be to exploit and stakes to services of the society (bigger number).
In certain civilizations the cultural gates stop often from following such or such therapy for lack of information all this watch a little the role that could have highway informationin the society.

6 - Agriculture

One will be able to fight the problem of the hunger truly in the world that while improving the agricultural production. In this new world, the society more that arranges means of telecommunication and information covering all our planet in one record time ever.

The American peasant already uses highway informationto make effective production.

For example to have access to the agricultural information since field thanks to the portable computers joined to Internet via the PCMCIA cards (GSM) provided UMTS cellular phone. Result; first in agriculture on the plan, world. In the poor societies agriculture is exercised on the other hand again of rudimentary way, without reliable meteorological data, agriculture making itself without taking accounts of news discovered from where a very weak production often of bad quality. I think that States can mettrent in place of real accessible data bases of everywhere to inform peasants (Varieties, technicals..). Highway informationshows that societies applying him in the agricultural domain get better outputs…

7- The NGO Activities

The Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) are obliged to use the new technologies to communicate and to take to good their activities. It allows them to transmit in one record time of works and information to coordinate their activities that cover several countries. For example " Dentaid " the NGO that takes care of populations through the world by their program of electric dental device repair put a Website in place to work better.

Nowadays no NGO can escape this new world of communication. It changes their manner to work and print them a new vision of general work . These technologies also allow the non governmental organizations to increase way import the number of their members thanks to their Internet Website.

I simply think that it is a luck to seize for these organizations because it also decreases in a considerable way expenses.
For examples : of the virtual seminaries or symposia could be organized for their members scattered through the world.


Technologies bound information on TV in the society

The development of medias (Radio, Tv…) gave a considerable power to the society to be to the perfume of information coming from all corners of the globe. One attends today a parabolic antenna proliferation in many country what shows will more and more pronounced of the society to have access to information and this whatever is contained him. This classic shape is nowadays one of highway information jewels; what has for consequence a brewing cultural of the different societies that can be influenced positively or negatively.

The new technologies are the radio and the numeric TV capable to be received in not to import what part of the of the planet.
At the level national, every government possesses own means of information, that are passed nowadays often by information coming from other horizons.

All these technologies permitting to reach such performances are owed par  in general:

1 The revolution of the data processing

No one is unaware of the real progress of the data processing, progress more and more exponentiel ; putting between hands of the processes die-hard society sophisticated to master highway informationor all technologies of the NTIC. It pushes us to put us the question of savoir : what are technologies that are the corner stone of the society of information.

Without entering in details us are going to brush these technologies that I classify in some groups :

2 The computer Network development

Allows the emergence of numerous architecture using some more and more standard protocols (TCP/IP ; HTTP ; FTP, SMTP, WAP,GPRS,UMTS…) without forgetting the computer language evolution bound to the Internet (HTML, XML, JAVA, PERL, PHP,SQL) that are opened more and usable by most the flat shapes machines of the society.

3-The ergonomics of systems

The evolution of the man interface plots increased the number of users of the NTICS, from where the virtual community spur. It represents a very important progress because making the use of tools more and more comfortable. In these virtual communities the religion, the life style, the distance, the culture cannot separate them because it federates according to the only criteria that is the passion or the different centers of interests (journeys, soccer, sciences) once besides, highway information allows these different communities to feel nearer whatever are the linguistic, cultural, social gates…

4 The very important progress of telecommunication systems

 The growth of networks to high debits whose applications touch the phone as well, the Television (TV), the internet to for consequence the increase of the speed and the flux of data of which has need the society to communicate.

There is also the performance of telecommunication satellites can cover any point of our sphere.

For example satellites to orbit bass used by the Project Iridium of Motorola capable to increase the terminal or portable device numbers (Phone, PC, MAC,), the immediate consequence is the access in real time to information whatever is their source, what returns the society more rapproch�e s; not can live in autarcie, even though it wanted it.

Otherwise one can note the development of the Internet s machines; the marriage of the Internet to the tools usual of the society.
Television (Web TV : interactive television on Internet)
Minitel (webphone in France), The Wap Car

The cellular telephones (provided of navigator Wap for Internet), all it democratizes the access to information because every link of the society will choose our tool of highway information according to stock market.
Most important of these technologies that are behinds highway informationin society est :

5 The rising rise of the micro-electronics

The electronic component miniaturization, the conception of new processes and the very appreciable electronic circuit decrease permitted in search of to evolve from where the convergence of the technologies multimedia that creates a real revolution of the numeric electronics that offers enormous possibilities (manipulation, storage very important of flux of information, and as the conception of processors networks…) and maybe soon of the GSMS cameras (in survey at home)

New types of facilities see the day (interactive Television, visiophone, webcam (camera for the web), digital camera.

In short we notice that technologies of highway informationare numerous and more and more varied what prints to the society many choice and of new life styles.


What society for tomorrow ?

Before approaching this topic it is necessary to recall that the society also has an influence on the NTIC ( New technologies of information and communication ) because it is it that decides what type of processes must be put under way without forgetting the desire of improvement, ergonomics and sophistication, it there has made of it a duality in this subject :

Highway information and redefinition of the   society: The reciprocal influence of highway informationand the one of the new society.

It is necessary to also recall that these new societies create new type of uses and suppress some others.

Tomorrow will be the technological society that the humanity will have shaped voluntarily, a society where one won't speak of more highway informationbut rather of � Information-Society� in which the global village will become: � Chip Village � to materialize the speed of information through an electronic chip.

This new redefined society is going to change the physiognomy of communities that will see things in the same way in a global way completely but where most aware will dominate least aware and societies that will possess these tools of highway informationwill disrupt the processes cultural of the other the least advanced societies.

Is necessary to worry ?
Yes and let's hope not only than us men will be moral enough to make good use of these technologies and especially to adjust to this new deal of life.

(Confers the viruses I LOVE YOU, MELISSA….)


To redefine the society, one will rather speak about adapting the new society of the TIC ( Technologies of Information and Communication ) to our manner to live and to evolve with so, societies that master the NTIC will have more easiness to succeed in the way of the development. It is true all technological mutation begins by a phase of discovery and initiation, then it is very important for the different civilizations and societies to give themselves means to face challenges of this new millennium. We are now in the internationalization of information that permits the development or even a new definition of the society. During centuries, information to been considered always like strat�gique ; it is always and it will be then in the future highway informationwith all advantages and inconveniences merit to be followed by Nations if they don't want to undergo the negative influences coming from the outside.

Finally note that the new technologies permit the redistribution of cards between the rich and poor, but doesn't represent forcing the corner stone to take the humanity of real problems that are: Food security, Health, the Peace and the protection of the Environment.


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