Lenguas y culturas - Langues et cultures - Languages and Cultures

The Observatory of Languages and Cultures in the Internet was born in 1996 at FUNREDES and continued until today. In association with Union Latine, until 2005, then in association with the World  Network for Linguistic Diversity, MAAYA, from 2009. Two people have supported the project since its inception: Daniel Pimienta, President of FUNREDES and member of the Executive Board of MAAYA since 2009 (Executive Secretary in 2015-2016) and Daniel Prado, former Director of the Department of Language Industries, Union Latine (1997-2008) and member of the Executive Board of MAAYA since 2009 (Executive Secretary in 2013-2014). The Observatory has beneficiated, at different times, directly or indirectly via Union Latina or MAAYA, of the support of OIF, UNESCO and DGLFLF. Since 2017, FUNREDES has ceased its activities and Daniel Pimienta is managing the observatory on his own. In January 2021, the observatory, which remains a global project, recovers formal existence in France, as a 1901 law association.

The construction of the site of the observatory responds to three periods which each have a history and a substructure of their own:

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March 2022 : New version of the model and update of the results 

November 2021Hyderabab Declaration on Emerging Technologies and Changing Dynamics of Information

October 2021: The Observatory is now member of the UNESCO Chair on Language Policies for Multilingualism

August 2021 : Results of the new measurement campaign for indicators of presence of languages in the Net

  June 2021 : The Observatory is awarded a subvention from DGLFLF for the expenses of hosting and domains of its website and BaseLDF site.

March 2021 : the Observatory now hosts the data base BaseLDF.FR on the presence of languages of France on the Internet, developped by Daniel Pimienta & Daniel Prado, on behalf MAAYA,

with the support of Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France (DGLFLF) from 


         February 2021: New measurement campaign starts        


September 2017 : New approach for measurements of languages in the Internet