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Langues and Cultures in the Internet 2005  

Results of the Culture study  


Unlike the part of the study of languages, these results, although contribute to the quantitative data, are subjective in the measurement in which they are related to a personal appreciation of the relative importance of the selected personalities. So that this part of the study does not have the same methodologic rigor.

Most of the results indications must be taken as well as about the presence of the Latin cultures, compared to each other and with the culture of the U.S.


This study, made in collaboration between the Union Latina and Funredes, tries to appreciate the place which the Latin cultures occupy in Internet, in comparison with the American culture.

Although the results offer quantitative data, continue being subjective in the measurement in which the relative importance of each personality in the history of the humanity has personal appreciations.


Sciences personalities (of all times)
Literature personalities (philosophers including)
Cinema personalities (all types)
Arts personalities (all types, choreography including)
Music personalities (all types)
Contemporary political personalities
Historical personalities (not including in others categories)
Contemporary media personalities (not including like politicians)
fiction personalities (of all times)

Convention of colors

For one better visualization of the place occupied by the Latin personalities in relation to the Americans and those of other cultures, we have established the following convention of colors:

U.S. Culture
French Culture
Hispanic Culture
Portuguese Culture
Italic Culture
Rumanian Culture
Other Cultures

Measurement protocol

The measurements have been made having in account, for the Latin personalities, the search in English and in the language of the respective personality (except for exceptions in which the frequent use favors the use of another form) .

We have considered the name and the last name of the personalities (or another applicable compound form), with exception, evidently, of the imaginary or fiction personages in which this does not have sense and in that are respected the original forms: Dracula, in a word; "Madame Bovary", in two words. The diacritical signs are not included (accents, etc.) nor capital letters (with exception, in this last one of musical groups that could be confused with common nouns, like "the Doors"). This decision works against more to the personalities known by its name (like for example Miguel Angel, in a single word in Italian: Michelangelo) or by its last name (as Gutemberg) and prevents the measurement of some others (like Cleopatra or Lenin). In compensation, a general classification of the personalities in a single word it is added in the end. –Classification in which, as it is seen, we could not use too frequent names (like Ford or Pascal).

how to read the tables

Tables shows the results obtained in 2001 and in 2005 parallelly.

1st Column:Personalitie name
2nd Column:Number of sites where the personalitie appears
3rd Column:Number of places winning or losing for each personality on respect to the last study. For instance, in 2005 classification we can see, since the study of 2001, Andy Warhol lose one position, and Paul Cézanne earn 9 places.
4th Column: percentage increase of the number of sites in which the personality appears with respect to the last study. For example, in 2001 the number of sites where “Pablo Picasso” appeared it increased in 532% with respect to the 1998 study.



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