FUNREDES mission is to promote and facilitate the use of Newer Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) in developing countries, and especially in Latin America and the Caribbean, together with international organizations, NGO's, governments, public and private interested institutions, etc., with the purpose of contributing to the regional development and integration.


  1. To establish dissemination strategies for the NICT (networks, added-value networks, electronic libraries, interactive multimedia...), which:


  2. To promote the creation, structuring, preservation and dissemination of the Scientific and Technical Information (S & TI), within national and international frames, with a particular emphasis in the regional and the South-South flows.


  3. To participate in the formation and organization of end-user groups in order to allow their responsible empowerment of these technologies, and their mature participation in the management of technological solutions. This objective implies the demythologization of technologies and the understanding of their sociological and human aspects.


  4. To participate in the creation and development of new research networks both national and sectorial, and to organize technical assistance and added value services to existing networks.


  5. To participate in all corollary activities related to the development of the infrastructures related to Science and Technology, Research, Higher Education and Telecommunications, such as:


  6. To promote and facilitate womens access to the NICT integrating the gender perspective in the dissemination strategies as a basic requirement for their advance in the society and their equitable integration in the development process.


  7. To contribute to the structuration and consolidation of the institutional process, as the key requirement for the advance of democratic and integral development.

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