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Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 19:13:56 AST

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>---- French Government to Enforce Open Standards and Promote Open Source
>The French Agency for e-Government, which is also officially in charge of
>promoting open source / free software, is going to select in 2002 the
>copyright license, based on existing open source / free licenses, under
>which future software developments may be published.
>---- Red Hat Proposes to enhance Microsoft Settlement offer by providing
>Open Source Software to All U.S. School Districts
>Red Hat has offered to provide open-source software to every school
>district in the United States, free of charge. This offer comes in the
>wake of Microsoft's proposal to settle over 100 private law suits by
>providing $1 billion worth of software and related goods and services to
>needy schools. Red Hat claims that its proposal achieves two important
>goals: improving the quality and accessibility of computing education in
>the nation's less-privileged schools, and preventing the extension of
>Microsoft's monopoly to the most-vulnerable users. It would enable
>Microsoft to redirect the portion that it would have spent on software
>into purchasing more hardware for the 14,000 poorest school districts,
>potentially increasing the number of computers available under the
>original proposal from 200,000 to more than one million. Unlike the
>Microsoft proposal where following the five-year time limit, schools would
>have to pay Microsoft to renew their licenses and upgrade the software, the!
> Red Hat proposal has no time limit on free upgrades.
>---- German study rejects software patents for Europe
>The experts warned that a high rate of innovation, interoperability, and
>the continued development of the open-source model would be jeopardized if
>Europe adopted a rule allowing the widespread patenting of computer programs.

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