MISTICA: Communication Rights in the Information Society

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> Communication Rights in the Information Society is an initiative of the
> Platform for Communication Rights that seeks to
> facilitate a coordinated response among civil society and NGOs to the World
> Summit on the Information Society (WSIS),
> particularly around issues related to communication rights. The
> list has been set up to support
> this work.
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> Background
> The World Summit on the Information Society is a two-phase UN summit
> scheduled for December 2003 in Geneva and
> 2005 in Tunis. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has the
> role as organiser of the Summit (see
> The aim of the WSIS is "to develop a common vision and understanding of the
> Information Society, to better understand its scope and dimensions and
to draw
> up a strategic plan of action for successfully adapting to the new
> While it is yet to be determined what role civil society will actually have
> in the process, the WSIS's proposal is to involve government, industry and
> civil society in both the preparations and in the conference itself.
> This is to include involvement in determining the conference agenda and
> participation in the drafting of the Declaration and Action Plan.
> The WSIS executive secretariat in Geneva has separate divisions for
> industry and civil society. The civil society secretariat has a website at
> We have set up an electronic list to facilitate communication about the
> among NGOs and to offer news and other information related to our
efforts to
> ensure that human rights, and especially communication rights, are
fully incorporated
> into the WSIS process, agenda and output.
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