MISTICA: Programa Pegasus gratis

From: Yacine Khelladi (
Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 14:16:18 AST

To: <>

El anuncio reenviado anexo habla de programa de correo electrónico
Pegasus que esta ofertado gratis para Ongs (yo no lo he probado)

Usar pegaus o eudora o netscape mail (o poner un pacth a MS-outlook)
impide sufrir y diseminar de los virus mas proliferos como los de estos
días (he recibido emails con el ultimo badtrans de vari@s de Uds., en estas
dos listas) si alguien los contacta y que pregunta si hay versión en
spanish y nos
deja saber


"Lessard, George" wrote:
> [Forwarder's Note: I have used Pegasus for some years... Its great and not
> subject to the virus problems of MS Outlook... but then what e-mail
> program... other that Outlook is subject to those? :-) ed. ]
> Donations of manuals and support Pegasus Mail is primarily a service, and
> we like to help wherever we can. We will generally be happy to donate
> support licenses to non-profit organizations that work to preserve the
> environment, work for the benefit of animals, or that work to better the lot
> of developing nations. We will also happily consider applications from other
> worthy organizations on a case-by-case basis, although we are a very small
> operation and our resources are quite limited.
> Please contact David Harris if you would like to
> be considered for a donation of manuals.
> the North American Web Site for Pegasus Mail, the Internet's longest-serving
> PC e-mail system
> Please watch this web site (, for information on these
> additions as they become available.
> Pegasus Mail v4.0 released
> With more than 2500 changes or fixes, 11,500 messages exchanged by the beta
> test team, and fifteen months of extensive development, Pegasus Mail v4.0
> represents the culmination of a huge reworking of the entire Pegasus Mail
> system - practically no part of the program's user interface has not been
> modified and brought up-to-date in some way. The aim of the redevelopment
> process was to improve the usability, style and appearance of the program
> without sacrificing any of its proven reliability or personality. Click here
> to go to the downloads page, where you can get v4.0.

Nota de la moderación: era un excelente programa hace unos años, algo mas
y rico en función que Eudora... Si mejoraron la interfaz que era menos
facil a usar
quer Eudora podria ser realmente muy valioso.

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