MISTICA: De mistica-paz a Foro paz de la Alianza

From: Daniel Pimienta (
Date: Thu Nov 22 2001 - 07:46:21 AST

Cc: Marina Urquidi <>


Se recordaran que hemos creado un foro llamado <> para
ventilar las discusiones sobre la situación de amenaza a la paz consecutiva
al atentado del 11 de septiembre.

La Alianza para un mundo solidario y responsable ( quien
ha sido uno de los dos soportes iniciales de Mistica (a traves de la FPH) esta
organizado un foro mucho mas estructurado (y con mas recursos) sobre esta
Un foro para la construcción de la paz que sera moderado por Marina Urquidi
y tendra traducción al castellano, inglés y francés.

Siguen extractos del anuncio en inglés:

>The Alliance now proposes to open a working forum for the construction of
>peace under the banner "To understand, so we can act."
>Understand, first, each other and ourselves. Stop the blaming: Muslim
>fanatics, North Americans, rich countries, social inequalities, corrupt
>political leaders, cynical multinational companies, the CIA, the
>Arab-Israeli conflict ... anything that's not myself. The forum will
>assemble people from all walks of life and from every continent and
>culture, so they can say why they think what they think, and hear each
>other out: North Americans, Asians, people from the Arab World, Africans,
>Latin Americans, and Europeans, all having in common their desire for a
>world where peace is a reality everywhere, not just at home, and in which
>our children will live, not just survive, in safety.
>Understand, too, how all the aspects of the life we live are or can be
>related to building a culture of peace, whether we are artists, activists,
>ordinary employees, executives, stockholders, or playing any other
>conceivable social role.
>The forum is completely open and public, and we sincerely hope you will be
>among us.
>This forum of public debate is open to anyone who wishes to participate in
>it. We shall assemble participants from all the continents, of all ages,
>men and women, of all cultures, and of all sectors of activity. We hope to
>engender a dialogue between "experts," specializing in different areas, and
>non-experts, the ordinary citizens that we are, whatever our field, facing
>those who specialize in fields different from ours.
>The great challenge lies in the following question: Will people who are
>accustomed to speaking with people of their same circles, want to speak to
>people who have different references, experiences, and language? Will they
>even know how? We think so.
>Ambitious, but possible. If this forum is of interest to you, send a
>message to that effect to <> and tell your friends
>about it.

Escriben a Marina para recibir mas detalles.

Le hemos ofrecido a Marina que los/as participantes de mistica-paz sean
invitados/as a pasar al Foro de la Alianza y así podremos cerrar esta lista
que ha tenido
un papel de transición.

Por razones éticas no podemos suscribir nosotros mismo las personas actualmente
en mistica-paz al Foro de la Alianza. Les invitamos a hacerlo en el mejor

Después de un plazo prudente procederemos entonces a cancelar la lista

Cordialmente, la coordinación Mistica

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