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A second issue late in the week, something which I'm not planning to do
again anytime soon.

5. Bibliotecologia Sociologica
Profesor: Hugo Alberto Figueroa Alcántara
Profesor de Carrera de Tiempo Completo

This page contains spanish-language versions of some important articles on
libraries and intellectual freedom, freedom of access to information,
social responsibilities, ethics, and the social dimensions of libraries.

10. Papers from the Conference on the Public Domain
which took place November 9-11 at Duke University.
Papers here include:
Pamela Samuelson,
Digital Information, Digital Networks, and the Public Domain

Yochai Benkler,
Coase's Penguin, or Linux and the Nature of the Firm

Carol M. Rose,
Romans, Roads, And Romantic Creators: Traditions of Public Property in The
Information Age

17. Social inclusion and libraries - a resource guide
>From the web site:
        Compiled by Research and Innovation Services on behalf of the
             Community Services Group of The Library Association
           in conjunction with the Community Development Foundation

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