MISTICA: Bangalore ICTs and Development International

From: Daniel Pimienta (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 10:38:19 AST

>This sixth bi-annual conference will bring together leading figures in
>the field of "ICTs and Development". In 2002, the conference will be held in
>Bangalore, and will focus on the new opportunities, new perspectives and
>new challenges arising from the growth of ICT applications in developing
>We welcome papers from researchers, analysts and practitioners focusing
>on key issues in ICTs and development; particularly relating to 2002
>sub-themes (participation in global economic activity; local governance
>and socio-economic development; emergence of new organisational types).
>Papers (of not more than 5000 words main text) should be sent in
>electronic format by November 15th 2001 to the conference chairs: S. Krishna
>(, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore;
>Shirin Madon (, London School of Economics, UK
>Papers should give all author details plus an abstract of less than 500
>words on the title page. Notification of acceptance of papers will be
>given by
>December31st 2001. Papers may relate to research findings,
>research-in-progress reports, case studies, or tutorial/panel discussion
>The conference is organised by IFIP Working Group 9.4. Past conferences
>have produced the key reference texts on information systems and development.
>Details of the conference, and of WG9.4 activities can be found at:

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