MISTICA: Comunnity radio, free software, telecenters

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 From UNESCO WebWorld Newsletter - 05.10.2001

Radio from an Egg Box Goes National - Barbados Community College Radio
October 02, 2001 - Radio GED is a UNESCO sponsored Community College
Radio in Barbados. Choy Arnaldo reports
from the spot: "To enter the studio, I had to go in alone, close the
door, push a chair in front of me past the closed door, and
towards a free corner, rotate and sit. Then Jocelyne opens the door,
enters, closes the door and pushes her chair to another
corner, rotates and sits. It's like playing with a rubix cube!

UNESCO and Free Software
October 01, 2001 - Free software faces difficult challenges and dangers
In an article for UNESCO Free Software Portal,
Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation and the author
of the GNU General Public License (GPL), and the
developer of software like gcc and Emacs, outlines the development in
this area since 1984. "I'm grateful to UNESCO for
recognizing that, in the domain of software, free software disseminates
human knowledge in a way that non-free software
cannot do" says Stallman.

Burkina Faso's First Community Multimedia Centre (CMC) Officially
October 01, 2001 - UNESCO officially inaugurates Burkina Faso's first
Community Multimedia Centre (CMC) today in the
Dassasgho neighborhood of Ouagadougou. CMCs combine local radio and
community telecentre facilities to offer digital
opportunities to poor and marginalised communities. The new CMC is
located in the Gambidi cultural centre, launched some
five years ago under UNESCO's "Culture in the Neighborhood" programme.

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