MISTICA: Re: Democracia electronica en America Central

From: Michel J. Menou (
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 11:34:50 AST

Hi Katherine,


I had a quick look. Nice.

Why is this material on your personal site rather than an institutional one,
e.g. Acceso, as I understood the bibliography at least would be, or CIDA?

I have suggested that the LEAP site should be turned into a portal, what would
allow to make links with sites like this. Would it be OK for you?
Otherwise can we duplicate references and abstracts when relevant?

Why more references on "the rest of world" than on experiences in the rest of
Latin America? Brazil for instance has put many procedures on the Internet, in
particular income tax. This may offer lessons worth considering, would it be
only with regard to the famous "cultural specificity factor".

I've downloaded papers hoping to find the time to read them in a not too
future. In the mean time, if you and our friends at Acceso are interested in a
formal publication, I'd be glad to consider a paper for International
Journal of
Knowledge Management, International Information and Library Review or others I
am connected with.

The discussion on LEAP has been postponed till a new site and more material are
ready ....

It takes time !

Hope all is fine at your end. Best wishes


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