MISTICA: REFLECT: adult learning and social change

From: Jon Mannion (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 10:33:25 AST

Dear all

Tomorrow is International Literacy Day - an opportune moment to urge you to
see the video
about the Reflect approach to adult learning and social change, filmed in
India and Ghana, which will be broadcast by BBC World TV on 13th, 14th and
15th September.
It is called "Lines in the Dust".

We are linking this broadcast to:
- The launch of a Reflect website Primarily aimed
at Reflect practitioners, the website offers information on Reflect and a
space in which information exchange can develop.
- The publication of two documents (available on request):
1) A Review of 13 Evaluations of Reflect
Learning from external evaluations of Reflect undertaken 1999-2000,
consolidated by Abby Riddell, with a response from practitioners.
2) Reflect Global Survey
A critical analysis of responses from 140 organisations using Reflect in 43
countries, providing a comprehensive overview of Reflect programmes 5 years
on from the completion of the original pilot programmes.

Further information about the above are available on request.

David Archer (Head of International Education, ActionAid)

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