MISTICA: ICTs & Devel: Mistaken Donor Priorities?

From: Yacine Khelladi (
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 18:43:23 AST

Interessante pregunta en la lista Devmedia.<DEVMEDIA@LISTSERV.UOGUELPH.CA>

Dr Richard Heeks wrote:
> Many donors seem to have a set of 'blind spots' and 'dazzle
> spots' in relation to ICTs and development.
> I would be interested in having feedback from list members
> about their experience/viewpoints about these - I will
> summarise responses back to the list.
> Blind spots are areas that donors seem to ignore or rate as a
> very low priority. One example might be independent, post
> hoc evaluation of the ICT projects that donors fund.
> Dazzle spots are areas that donors seem fixated on, giving an
> artifically high priority to. One example might be
> technological infrastructure and the technology itself (as
> opposed to the information on which the technology acts and/or
> the context into which the technology is introduced).
> I'm sure you can think of some more yourself, and I would be
> glad to hear from you.
> Thanks
> Richard Heeks
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