MISTICA: [digopp] Final Update on the DOT Force

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Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 08:28:25 AST

> Dear DIGOPP Working Group:
> Following the G8 Summit in Genoa, we are eager to give you a final update
> on the Dot Force and subsequent activities. As you may know, the leaders of
> the industrialized nations formally endorsed the final report of the Dot
> Force and its recommendations outlining how ICTs can be harnessed to help
> reach development goals. The final Communiqué issued by the G8 leaders
> highlights the work of the Dot Force and notes that "ICT holds tremendous
> potential for helping developing countries accelerate growth, raise
> standards of living and meet other development priorities."
> The acceptance of the Action Plan and the work of the Dot Force is an
> important demonstration of the growing acknowledgment of the significant
> potential for ICT to help narrow existing societal and economic divides and
> create digital opportunities. We are delighted that the G-8 has taken this
> important step, and we look forward to the next phase of work --
> implementing the Dot Force recommendations. It has been truly exciting to
> see the increased momentum and understanding of these issues that has been
> generated during the past year. It is encouraging that so many participants
> in the Dot Force -- from G-8 governments, multilateral organizations,
> private sector, non-profits, and the developing countries -- are now
> committed to finding ways to take concrete action.
> We hope and expect that we will continue to see the effects of the efforts
> of the Dot Force in such areas as overseas development assistance (ODA)
> commitments, as well as in new public-private sector partnerships that may
> be created as an outgrowth of the Dot Force effort. Markle, for its part,
> will continue to pursue its public-private partnerships, such as the
> Digital Opportunity Initiative, the partnership of Markle, Accenture, and
> the United Nations Development Programme that recently published its
> strategic framework for development ( The three partners
> are now moving to test out this framework in the field.
> Additionally, it is notable that the unique, multisectoral composition of
> the Dot Force -- the inclusion of governments, private sector, non-profits
> and developing country participants with equal dignity - is beginning to
> be replicated in other international venues. The value of having each of
> these participants at the table cannot be underestimated. For instance, the
> United Nations Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Task Force,
> which will formally launch its activities early this fall, will include
> members from the industrialized and developing world, public and private
> sectors, and multilateral agencies. The Markle Foundation has been asked to
> participate in this effort and we hope to help strengthen the powerful
> model of how different sectors can work together to reach common objectives.
> We firmly believe that the work of the Dot Force and the input provided by
> so many of you, as part of this on-line Working Group, has gone a long way
> to begin to surface the issues that must be addressed, if the potential of
> ICT to advance development goals is to be realized.
> We know that this online consultation was considered to be of extremely
> high quality and importance. So again, thank you for your participation in
> the DIGOPP consultation.
> Warm regards,
> The Markle Foundation
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