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Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 09:10:23 AST

Hola colegas

Acaba de salir publicada la convocatoria para el cargo de coordinador del
Instituto de Conectividad en las Americas (ICA)...
Tenemos que dar con la persona para hacer esto con exito!


Ricardo Gomez

estoy de vacaciones hasta el 28.
Nota de la moderación: hemos publicado el URL hace pocos días. Pasamos de
nuevo el
aviso, con mas detalles, dado la importancia que tiene por nuestra CV.
Ojalá personas de la CV Mistica se motivan para aplicar...

Job Description
Date: August 2001

JOB IDENTIFICATION Title: Network Coordinator - Institute for Connectivity
in the Americas
Position number: PR227
Location: Ottawa
Group: Program and Partnership Branch
Level: EX-1
Immediate supervisor: Director of Program Area, ICT4D
Duration: 3 years

The incumbent takes the lead in working with the Canadian Founding
Stakeholder Departments and Agencies and with the Hemispheric Advisory
Board once it has been set up in establishing, managing, and reporting on
the Institute for Connectivity in the Americas.
- Works with the Canadian Founding Stakeholder Departments and Agencies
to create a detailed stablishment draft workplan for review by the Hemispheric
Advisory Board
and to implement that plan on time and within budget.
- Provides coordination among Canadian Founding Stakeholder Departments and
Agencies, the Hemispheric Advisory Board, Node Members in the 7 Regions in
which the Institute works and network advisors of the ICA.
- Drafts, recruits, and manages the human resources of the Institute in
consultation with stakeholders.
- Works with the Canadian Stakeholder Departments and Agencies to develop,
review and complete the final list of candidates to serve on the ICA
Hemispheric Advisory Board.
- Communicates with a variety of public groups about the progress and
programs of the Institute for Connectivity in the Americas.
- Supervises technical support for the Institute's web and email presence,
information sharing and communications.
- Builds and maintains a transparent process for receiving and processing
project submissions to the ICA for comment by the Hemispheric Advisory
Board and review by ICA staff and management.
- Liaises with the Team Leader, PAN Americas, to ensure the integration of
ICA programs and projects with the program of work in Applied Research and
Learning of the PAN Americas Program Initiative.
- Works closely with the Partnership and Business Development Division of
IDRC to optimize the recruitment and participation of partner organizations
in the ICA.
- Participates as a member of the ICT4D management team.


1. Program Development
- Recruits and manages Human Resources.
- Builds, revises and delivers upon the Business Plan for the ICA in
coordination with the Hemispheric Advisory Board (HAB).
- Builds the ICA program into a credible, transparent and successful
hemispheric initiative.
- Manages staff to ensure ICA sponsored projects and partners provide
timely, accurate and useful information on their status and progress in
contributing to ICA goals and objectives.
- Cultivates and maintains positive relations with relevant institutions,
agencies and organizations in the Hemisphere.
- Manages support for the networking, project development, information
sharing and communications needs of the ICA's Canadian Founding
Stakeholders, Hemispheric Advisory Board Members and Hemispheric partners.
- Maintains an active, current and expert brief on appropriate IC
technologies within the context of the developing world and rural development.

2. Project Development
- Manages Program Officers to develop projects relating to ICA goals,
objectives and themes.
- Works closely with the Team Leader of PAN Americas to develop companion
applied research, learning and project monitoring for all project approvals.
- Improves donor collaboration and investments in this area; fosters
innovative partnerships involving the public and private sectors to convert
technology and policy research into development action; and facilitates the
formulation of joint strategies and policies among various actors with
respect to investments in ICT policy research.
- Explores the potential for support and participation by the Canadian
civil society, public and private sectors in projects supported by the

3. Project Management
- Manages Program Officers who, in consultation with the Grant Administration
Division (GAD), implement the preparation of contracts and grant letters,
material purchases, travel arrangements, analysis of financial statements,
adjustment of budgets and schedules, and project closures.
- Ensures that Program Officers provide technical supervision (including
analysis of interim reports, participation in workshops, literature searches,
and the identification and administration of resource persons/consultants).
- Manages the review of final project reports and results, and negotiates
revisions and/or additional requirements.
- Assists in coordinating the activities of collaborative projects between
Canadian and developing country practitioners.

4. Project Evaluation and Research Utilization
- Liaises with the Team Leader of PAN Americas to ensure the dissemination
of results.
On projects, ensures:
- the execution and dissemination of project evaluations as necessary, and
- that researchers receive assistance in writing, editing, and publishing
research results.


Minimum Education Required: Postgraduate degree (Masters or PhD degree) in
a relevant field or extensive (10 years +) equivalent senior experience.

Minimum Experience Required: At least 5 to 8 years of professional
experience in the use of Information and Communications Technology for
Development in combination with international experience in a developing
country in the Americas. Business/organization management and diplomatic/
coordination responsibilities at senior accountability levels.
Preference will be given to candidates with expertise and experience in
the area of ICT and technologies within a development context.

Skills and Qualities Required: Familiarity with donor agency and/or
Canadian government programs and activities in the field of ICT; ability to
communicate effectively, in a wide variety of cultural settings and in
different fora; sensitivity to the importance of gender equity and related
issues; ability to work as a member of a multi-disciplinary team; ability
to plan, organize, coordinate, and negotiate under pressure; ability to
provide specialized advice and professional guidance to external contacts;
proven administrative and problem-solving skills; ability to supervise
research and administrative support staff; knowledge of computer systems
relevant to the position.

Language Requirements: Bilingual (English-French) at the following levels
in the second Official Language:
Oral Comprehension C
Reading Comprehension C
Oral Expression B
Written Expression: B Spanish or Portuguese required.

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