MISTICA: Franquicias Telecentros en Africa

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Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 20:57:21 AST

Les renvio una nota de un buen colega que no es miembro de la lista pero quiere
compartir con nosotros.

>Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 11:57:17 -0600
>From: Scott Robinson <>
>To: "Michel J. Menou" <>
>Subject: franquicias Africa
>Siento que la reunion de Telelac Asesor estos dias pasados en Quito, fue muy
>productiva. En relacion a mi tarea de redactar una propuesta generica
>para una suerte de "franquicia social", descubri esto el dia de hoy:
>Issue: Digital Divide International
>The Internet industry in Africa still faces massive roadblocks on the way to
>development, said Ajit Jatania, CEO of Simba Technologies in Tanzania, this
>week. Jatania said in addition to the traditional problem of costly
>bandwidth, other obstacles include: it's difficult to collect revenues,
>licensing policies are restrictive to new players in the market, and
>technology is considered a high-risk industry with a long-lead time to
>break-even on investments. Jatania said "It is not easy to become an ISP. It
>is expensive and needs a wide range of skill sets." Simba Technologies is
>operating under a franchise business model that will help open the Internet
>market to new players in Tanzania. Where Internet awareness is high in
>densely populated areas, users are forming communities to share Internet
>access infrastructure in what are called "multi-user dialing units."
>[SOURCE: ITWeb, AUTHOR: Alastair Otter]

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