MISTICA: Re: El encuentro Fox-Gates y el proyecto e-Mexico

From: Mike Ellis (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 10:26:06 AST

Noticia sobre el supuesto uso de Linux en las escuelas de México:

"Mexican Schools Embrace Windows"

In 1998, the Mexican government embarked on an ambitious attempt to equip
its vast and underfunded school system with computers running the free
operating system GNU/Linux. By using free software, the project hoped to
save up to $124 million in software licenses, money that could be diverted
into buying hardware for more than 126,000 public schools.

It looked so attractive, the RedEscolar project inspired similar efforts in
Brazil and Argentina. But three years on, the program has largely failed to
get GNU/Linux into more than a handful of Mexican schools. RedEscolar, or
"Scholar Net," has put computers in 4,500 schools, but fewer than 20 are
equipped with GNU/Linux machines. The rest are running Windows 95 or 98.

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