MISTICA: Reflect-action in ICT4DEV

From: Yacine Khelladi (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 19:05:52 AST

> ActionAid and Reflect are interested in adding to the
> debate regarding the use of various Information and
> Communication Technologies in the development arena.
> We have engaged our grassroot circles and are wishing
> to research processes suitable for the sustainable
> harnessing of ICTs in rural areas of developing
> countries. (After UNESCO, FAO, UNDP Acacia, and MIT).
> We are therefore seeking funding partnerships. Also
> we are interested in broadening our network to
> facilitate exchange of research findings. We would
> also welcome interest from potential partners whose
> expertise is technological.
> Our process offers several important characteristics.
> We offer to the debate an opportunity to emphasize the
> importance of socially lead project, as opposed to a
> technologically led top down design. Our network is
> founded on the principles of PRA and Paulo Freire. As
> such an explicit examination of power relations in the
> production of communications is central to our
> process. This mitigates against technology being
> controlled by local elites, and the control of
> gatekeepers in the flow of information. This allows
> also a customised response in terms of content and
> technology relevant to specific locations and
> situations.
> A further key factor is that Reflect is an established
> network, with relationships founded in adult literacy
> practice since 1993.
> Details of the research we are proposing can be found
> at
> In the section headed "Initiatives"
> Please feel free to contact Jon Mannion at
> Mr.Jon Mannion
> ICT Education and International Development
> Institute Of Education, London

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