MISTICA: Putografia Virtual against cyberoptimism

From: Yacine Khelladi (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 20:02:50 AST

Issue: Digital Divide
Creating art from computer garbage pulled from dumpsters in the San
Francisco Bay Area, a group of artists who call themselves Los Cybrids
are forming a campaign against technological optimism from inside the
silicon center. San Francisco's Galeria de la Raza is displaying the Los
high-tech junk exhibit called "Putografia Virtual," translated as
"Virtual Whoreography." Los Cybrids manifesto describes themselves as "a
junta of
polyethnic cultural diggers of the Latino sort dedicated to the critique
of cyber-cultural negotiation via artistic activity." According to Los
Cybros founder Monica Praba Pilar, "The Internet has a democratic potential,
but it turns out to be a centralizing media," Los Cybros artists argue that the
spread of high technology doesn't resolve racial inequalities, it
exacerbates them. "They train Latinos to fix computers or (do) low-wage
labor," Pilar said. "They'll be making the same $10 an hour."
[SOURCE: Wired, AUTHOR: Angel Gonzalez]

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