From: Yoe F. Santos (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 08:18:00 AST

Appreciated members
Digital Promise Board

We're so glad and happy after visit your web site, and collect too many
solidarities's articles about your project.

Essentially look for quality in contents, create web sites and virtual
portal for public information and other efforts, linked with sustainable
development,had been our role in latin american and caribbean internet,
since 1996.

Currently, we get one development's portal named Alojo!
centered in human rights, non profit organizations, sustainable development,
social sciences, and humanities fields, struggling for make less powerful
digital divide, in Spain,Caribbean and Latin America, next november, 30, is
our 5th, anniversary.

We get some questions for you:
Whitch is going to be the role from inmigrants, minorities and vulnerable
groups, into the concept of your project?

How is possible to other institutions and social organizations from non
industrialized countries, help you, joing you, and make partnership for
translations, generate contents, and spread information into this new

The last question, is based in one concrete situation: since 1998, exist one
network, created by networks for development foundation, named MISTICA,
methodology and Social Impact in New Tech for Communication and Information,
into Latin American and Caribbean Countries.

This project, gained global respect and prestigious, making reflection, into
scientific, technologic and cultural discussion in four languages, and i'm
sure that we and them, get the power, the need and the interest to help you
in colloborative works on line.

In our personal case, as dominican and caribbean citizen, we get more than
660,000 workers and students, living, working and making business into USA,
following US Census information, that's mean in our particular case:

-Your project, permit to reduce, not only digital divide, inclusive the
distance learning, for non experimented web users, including: non
anglo-saxon hispanics, africans,asiatics, and caribbeans;

-Digital Promise, suppose one opportunity for workers as minorities's
writers, communitaries' leaders, women, people with disabilities, or
similars,and that's important for create or rescue the original conceptual
vision, about public services on the internet.

Thanks for your valuable time and devotion for solidarity,

Yoe F. Santos

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