MISTICA: Re: LINCOS news letter - June 2001

From: Michel J. Menou (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 08:37:28 AST

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Dear Sir,

I refer to your June 2001 newsletter.

I am surprised to receive it with "" as the address of
the recipient. I wonder on what basis one can use the name of another
organization in making what seems to be an alias.

In the 1st paragraph quoted below you claim that "the LINCOS project was
presented at the meeting as excellent option for a community development
model". It would be appropriate to indicate who made such a presentation or

>From the program and informal accounts of the meeting, it seems that the
LINCOS project was presented by its own Director. Thus no wonder if he
feels it is an excellent option.

The second sentence explains that LINCOS "is not a traditional tele-center,
its main prupose is to bring more than 40 technological applications" . One
would thus wonder on which basis it can be said to be a "community
development model".

I don't think LINCOS, whose value per se I am not questioning here, nor
anyone else, is benefiting from such abuse of language. Let's call cat a
cat and everything will be clearer.


Michel Menou

Tuesday, July 03, 2001, 12:17:32 AM, you wrote:

> lincos - news letter (Jun, 2001) 
> LINCOS at Tele-Centers Meeting Organized by
> the Inter-American Development Bank 

> On June 15 and 16, the first International Tele-Centers Workshop organized
> by the Inter-American Development Bank was held in Managua, Nicaragua. The
> LINCOS project was presented there as an excellent option for a community
> development model, to more than 100 participants from the Central American
> countries, all interested in this subject.

> Within the framework of this workshop, the project's director, Dr. Juan I.
> Barrios, explained that in spite of the fact that LINCOS is not a
> tele-center, its main purpose is to bring more than 40 technological
> applications to the communities, at the most reasonable price possible.
snip ...

Dr. Michel J. Menou

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