MISTICA: The power of email

From: Mike Ellis (
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 09:46:39 AST

Artículo interesante sobre la evolución y el fenómeno de e-mail y su futuro
(en inglés)

It was billed as instant, democratic and cheap, and it was going to
revolutionise the way we communicated. But less than a decade after it
became widely available, email is losing its lustre. Many of us are
complaining of information overload, and companies are grappling with a
proliferation of pointless communication.

The revolution started on a Friday. In a greyish building on a sprawling
business park outside Watford, a maverick executive at the offices of
Camelot, the national lottery operator, issued a startling edict: no more
emails on the last day of the working week unless totally, absolutely
necessary. No pointless cc-ing of irrelevant memos; no links to "comedy"
websites intended to amuse; no electronic invitations to the pub after
work. Staff, it seemed, were forgetting how to talk to each other.

"We needed to make staff more aware of other forms of communication," said
a Camelot spokeswoman. "If there were elements of the business where you
could talk face to face instead of sending an email, we wanted to encourage
people to do that.",7369,509643,00.html

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