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>Newsletter - No 95 - May 25, 2001
>[AFR - 25.05.2001] Telecommunications Union Launches Internet Training
>Centre (
>The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has launched a multi-million
>dollar Internet Training Centre Initiative project for developing countries
>that will help close the gap in internet and new economy skills. ITU project
>coordinator Manuel Zaragoza said the project was aimed at bridging the
>global digital divide.
>[AFR - 25.05.2001] Make Use of Internet for National Development -
>Participants (
>Participants at the ITU-World Telecom Day National Forum at the just- ended
>Aitec 2001 Exhibition and Conference held in Accra, have moved for the use
>of the internet to facilitate development of the country. According to them,
>the internet is a powerful tool that promotes efficiency in the system and
>that can practically solve the economic problems facing.
>[EUR - 25.05.2001] EC Launches Site To Fight Child Porn, Cybercrime
>The European Commission has launched a Web site aimed at shielding kids from
>pedophiles, cybercrime and racism on the Internet. The EC has billed its new
>"Awareness Exchange" Web site, , as a vehicle
>for voicing concern and stimulating discussion about what can be done to
>protect kids from the seamier sides of the Web.
>[GLO - 21.05.2001] U.S. Approves VeriSign-ICANN Web Domain Deal (Yahoo)
>The U.S. government approved a deal allowing top Internet addressing company
>VeriSign Inc. to retain control of the lucrative ``.com'' Web domain, the
>Commerce Department said on Friday. In return, VeriSign will give up control
>of the ``.org'' domain, the Commerce Department said, and allow rights to
>the ''.net'' domain to be open to competitive bidding.

>[PRI, CRM - 23.05.2001] Should you exchange privacy for safety? (ZDnetasia)
>At a time when the technology industry is crashing feverishly, cybercrime is
>growing exponentially. Every rebel with a cause and his kid brother is
>finding new ways to abuse the Internet. Look at the the sudden increase in
>the number of worms and trojans finding their way into your inbox.

>[PRI - 25.05.2001] Internet Privacy Forms Available (Yahoo)
>People seeking to protect their privacy can complete a single Web form to
>keep major advertising companies from collecting data about their Internet
>browsing and shopping habits.

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