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Hay una dicusion virtual temporal alrededor del Libro del colistero
Alfonso Gumucio Dagron . Tema: communicacion y desarrollo.

To: People and Organisations who requested:
From: Warren Feek - Director - The Communication Initiative

This note is going to people and organisations who requested copies of
Making Waves.

The Rockefeller Foundation, the author - Alfonso Gumucio Dagron - and
The Communication Initiative, consistent with the principles
highlighted in Making Waves, wish to use this book as a platform to
facilitate discussion, dialogue and debate on appropriate and
effective communication strategies. We have taken the liberty of placing
those who requested Making Waves, including yourself, into
a limited-term discussion forum that will serve as the vehicle for this
dialogue/debate and very much hope you will participate.

[See below for subscribe/unsubscribe details].
Address all contributions to

To structure this discussion we are suggesting the following phases:

phase 1: May 18 to June 4

An opportunity for people to provide general feedback on the book and
it's relevance and helpfulness to their work. For example:

Are the principles for communication highlighted in the foreword and
introduction consistent with your views on appropriate and
effective communication strategies? Which are consistent? On what areas
do you differ from the authors? What principles would you
have stressed that were not stressed by the author? Why?

How did you react to the case stories? Do they make a compelling case
for communication for social change? Which case stories
do you find most compelling? Which case stories are less convincing?
Why? What is your perspective on issues such as sustainability and impact?

  Which communication initiatives, programmes, stories, not included in
Making Waves, would you have included? Please provide
some brief information? Why would you prioritise these for inclusion?

Perhaps there some specific questions on which you would welcome a
response from Denise and Alfonso.

Phase 2: June 4 to July 30

The author of Making Waves - Alfonso Gumucio Dagron - has developed 4
statements, drawn from his reflections whilst working on
the book. These challenge some of the established principles and
practices related to communication in the development field.

We will issue one of Alfonso's statements every two weeks as both a
prompt and focus for discussion and debate. As an important
element of this dialogue, Alfonso will be on-line to respond and argue
his case. Denise Gray-Felder - Vice-President Communication
at the Rockefeller Foundation - and her colleagues in the Communication
team will also be engaged.

Phase 3: August 1 to 10

An opportunity for people to provide closing comments and reflections.
The discussion forum will end on August 10th.


In the course of the discussion we will provide 'light' facilitation and
brief summaries in order to try and maintain some structure and
focus. However, this is primarily an opportunity for you to express your
views and opinions and to engage in debate and dialogue with your peers.


If your colleagues and friends have also read the book and wish to
subscribe to this discussion forum, please ask them to
email and type subscribe in the body of
the message [not the subject box.]. Alternatively visit enter your email
in the makingwaves box and click on subscribe.

We very much look forward to your criticisms, ideas and experiences. The
Communication Initiative has established this forum
because of the substantive demand for this book which indicates it's
importance for the communication and development field.
Making Waves tells important stories and asks challenging questions
about the way we do communication in development.

We very much look forward to your discussions and contributions.
Warren Feek
Director - The Communication Initiaitve

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