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From: Luis Barnola (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 14:51:26 AST

Hola: quienes en esta lista esten interesados en manejadores de contenido
para el web (en plataforma abierta), encontraran que el proyecto de la APC
que se describe a continuacion ( es una
valiosa caja de herramientas orientado en la direccion del trabajo
colaborativo entre diferentes ONGs.

Aprovecho tambien para invitarlos a que visiten la excelente pagina web de
la ONG CIPSGA de Brasil. En ella encontraran muchisima informacion y
espacios interactivos para todo lo relacionado con plataforma abierta (open
source) en la region.

Espero que sea de utilidad...
Luis Barnola

>Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 11:18:01 edt
>To: "Sustainable Development Webworks" <>
>Hmmm... has anyone tried working with the APC ActionApps software yet?
>I met with Anriette and Maureen from APC last week and they are quite
>interested in having people test out the software. The Web site on the
>project is finally up at
>According to the description:
>"Building on the APC's mandate to empower and support non-profits
>online, the Action Applications initiative has three main goals:
> Goal #1: Enable Easy Publishing - Make it easier for non-profits to
>create web sites without technical skills by creating an easy-to-use,
>database driven web publishing system
> Goal #2: Encourage Content Pooling - Encourage collaborative
>campaigning, media production and knowledge creation by developing a way
>for activists and NGOs to easily pool content across multiple web sites
> Goal #3: Support Open Source - Support and draw upon the growing open
>source software movement by releasing the Action Applications under the
>GNU General Public License.
>The APC ActionApp software is a system of PHP scripts and MySQL
>databases designed to meet these goals. While the software is designed
>to support activists and non-profits, it does include many features that
>have broader appeal."
>Terri Willard
>Sustainable Development Communications Network
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