MISTICA: Report on e.Readyness in the South

From: Daniel Pimienta (
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 19:24:53 AST

McConnel International LLC, a Global Consulting and Management Firm
announce a report "Ready? Net. Go! Partnerships Leading the Global Economy"
rating economy "e.Readyness" of several countries.

The report includes Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chili, Costa Rica, Ecuador,
Jamaica, Mexico, Peru y Venezuela (y Senegal, Rabia!) as supposed to have
"a profound impact on new global economy".

The full report:

The underlined statement says "As developed countries cope with a slowdown,
emerging countries become importamt sources for business growth".

Nota de la coordinación: en lectura rapida, y pensando en Olistica, no se
ve mucha preocupación en cuanto a impacto social en el informe y los
indicadores utilizados parecen muy "macro", poco sofisticados y bastante

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