MISTICA: French NPO contribution to dot force

From: Valerie Peugeot (
Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 16:04:50 AST

(sorry for cross posting)

Hello everybody,

You will find the contribution of the French NPO to the dot force process
from our website It is in French; for the
English you have to wait till mid of next week.

Please note that the French working group has included African people.
The dot force is having its last meeting in Sienna on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24.
After the meeting we will put on Vecam's website the document which will be
discussed there (we can not do it before) as well as a selection of
contributions from different delegations.

For those who can read and write in French, we remind you that a open
discussion group has been settled and that you can join it any time at the
following address :, and typing "dotforce" in
the research field.

Waiting for your reactions,

have a nice day

Valerie Peugeot
VECAM, coordination of the French NPO contribution to the dot force.

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