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From: Luis Barnola (
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 13:24:13 AST

El New York Times da cuenta hoy de una noticia interesante. El MIT en los
EUA han tomado la decision de hacer disponible, de forma totalmente
gratuita, muchos de sus cursos a traves de Internet. Sin embargo, esta
iniciativa esta destinada a fortalecer la educacion a distancia pero sin
otorgar creditos por los cursos que l@ usuari@ tome como "o-le-yente".

"CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 3 Other universities may be striving to market
their courses to the Internet masses in hopes of dot-com wealth. But the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology has chosen the opposite path: to post
virtually all its course materials on the Web, free to everybody. M.I.T.
plans on Wednesday to announce a 10-year initiative, apparently the biggest
of its kind, that intends to create public Web sites for almost all of its
2,000 courses and to post materials like lecture notes, problem sets,
syllabuses, exams, simulations, even video lectures. Professors'
participation will be voluntary, but the university is committing itself to
post sites for all its courses, at a cost of up to $100 million."

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