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Dear fellow GKD members,

Before reacting to the questions raised by our moderators, a few ones of mine:

- Has the G8 ever made a decision based on the "consultation" of civil
society? Is it really going to do so now?
- Is the "knowledge society", or whatever one wants to call the "new"
endavour, going to operate in a different socio-economic system than the
"old" one?
- Is it because there is a market for installing the infrastructures that
will possibly help bridge the digital divide that the latter is a priority on
the G8 agenda, rather than social welfare, good health, cure of HIV, safe
water, and many other issues, which do not offer such a market?
- Has the "international community made any significant progress toward
eradication of the above mentioned social diseases?
- What role do we, goodwill citizens of this planet, exactly play in these
- Quousque tandem CaICTilina abutere patientia nostra (after Cicero, with
kind permission)?

Thursday, March 29, 2001, 7:38:55 PM, GKD Moderators wrote:
GKDM> 1. Would the approach described above be a viable, productive way for
GKDM> the G8 and other donors to help developing countries conduct
GKDM> assessments of their ICT policy environments, and implement programs
GKDM> to foster effective use of ICTs for sustainable development?
Of course, as they ever did. A virtual supermarket of development needs
will be a "big step forward".

GKDM> 2. What would be needed to encourage local buy-in, and development of
GKDM> local capacity, necessary for formulating and implementing national
GKDM> integrated strategies or other results from that type of assistance?
"Buy in" is the right word.

Have the G8 members demonstrated any superior excellence in formulating and
eventually implementing "national integrated ICT strategies"?

GKDM> 3. Are there certain principles that such an "exchange" could provide
GKDM> to guide the formation of appropriate policy environments? If so, what
GKDM> are the most important principles?
RESPECT THE PEOPLE BE HONEST - you want the market and don't care about
development. So let
the people decide what they really need and want, and come to provide what fit
their requirements rather than you offer.

GKDM> 4. Based on your experience, does it appear viable and useful for
GKDM> such an "exchange" to attempt to identify "key success factors" that
GKDM> should be incorporated into a national ICT strategy?
GKDM> So that we have global ICT golden rule similar to IMF ones?
If the "exchange" is the sort of market place described in the
introduction, how can it undertake such an effort. Beyond of course calling
for a "vibrant competitive market"

Oh well that sounds all non-constructive criticism, isn't it?

Therefore here comes a constructive proposal. Help organizations of the
civil society in non G8 countries build that idea exchange they might need.
And let them decide when and wht for they will call partners from the G8
and other donor organizations.

Michel Menou
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