MISTICA: We are Everywhere

From: Luis Barnola (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 15:26:17 AST

Hola: un proyecto interesante, aunque la informacion llegue solo en
ingles. Un grupo de "resistidores" esta organizando un proyecto para
colectar material que muestre como podemos resistir la agenda neoliberal y
la globalizacion ecnomica alienante. El proyecto, que segun entiendo
estara constituido por historias que la gente quiere aportar sobre
mobilizaciones, ejemplos concretos de grupos organizados, entrevistas,
videos, etc., se juntara en una version que circulara como publicacion
gratuita junto con un CD (dicen que anti-copyright). Mas informacion
pueden encontrar en la siguiente pagina web (
y en el mensaje que se transcribe a continuacion.

Por la naturaleza misma del proyecto supongo que cualquier idioma es
bienvenido (aunque la convocatoria es solo en ingles, quizas por falta de
fondos para manejar una plataforma multilingue...). Quizas Mistica quiera
enviar algo como grupo que cuente como pensando tambien se actua...


>CALLING all activists, actionists, insurrectionists, revolutionaries,
>artists, writers, photographers, musicians, storytellers, independent
>mediatistas, radical optimists, utopians..... and anyone who feels that
>they are part of the global surge of anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist
>A radical publishing project. 'We are Everywhere: the irresistible rise
>of global anti-capitalism' - involving a book , CD-ROM and web site is
>beingput together by a collective of activists, artists and writers and we
>are looking for material.
>"We Are Everywhere" is information for inspiration, it is NOT an
>academic or objective historical analysis. The project will be pure
>propaganda. Contagious propaganda woven together from the many voices
>emanating from the many worlds who make up this rich and diverse
>"We are Everywhere" will celebrate, document, explore and critique the
>recent rise of the global movement(s) against capitalism and for life,
>autonomy, land, dignity and justice. The project is aimed at an audience
>of people intrigued by what they have seen in mainstream media and those
>who stand on the edges of the movement and have not made the jump into
>participation. It is also for those who mistakenly think this is a
>movement of white Western kids, that it began in Seattle and that it just
>to reform transnational corporations and global institutions. We aspire to
>seduce these people into joining in the joyful revolution of the everyday,
>while simultaneously challenging ourselves and each other to move forward.
>One of the great strengths of these movements have been their capacity
>to re-ignite the idea of a truly global political project, a project
>defined by notions of autonomy, ecology, direct democracy,
self-organisation and
>direct action. While events in Seattle, Prague and Davos hit the
headlines, the
>mass mobilisations and radical movements of the global South, many of
>which have provided the inspiration to northern convergences and actions,
>remained unseen and unacknowledged. This project hopes to redress this
>balance and tell many of the inspiring stories that still remain to be
>Our time frame will begin, as most things began, in the global South,
>with the emergence of the Zapatistas in January 1994 and will end in March
>2001 with the fulfilment of the promise the Zapatistas made 7 years ago,
>that they would take their struggle to Mexico City.
>The project will be anti-copyright. There will be two print runs, a free
>version distributed by mail order and hand and a version for sale
>distributed in mainstream book shops. No one is being paid for this
project and all
>profits will go into production of the free edition. "We are Everywhere"
will be
>launched in November 2001 to coincide with the global, decentralised
actions against the WTO
>ministerial meeting in Qatar.
>What we want from You and what we are looking for:
>Writings, stories, interviews, leaflets, rants, images, posters, scary
>statistics, provocative quotes, driving digitally formatted recordings
>of music or sounds from the streets, stunning photographs, anything that
>you feel will help tell the story and inspire others.
>If you would prefer not to write we want to hear stories, so maybe we
>could interview you ? We would like voices to be a key part of the book
>and the CD-ROM.
>The kind of things we do want - Street accounts of days of direct
>action- whether the Geneva riots against the WTO in 1998 or your local
>participation in a global day of action; moments of inspiration that got
>you involved whether it was joining the raging grannies in Seattle or
>the activists in Bolivia that convinced you to join the struggle against the
>World Bank; or simply how you are resisting capitalism in your own
>locality in the everyday, and how you see that connecting to the wider
>Please try not to write more than 2000 words, unless you want to give
>the editors a headache!
>If you have any material please email it to :
>DEADLINE for receiving material - May 1st 2001 (easy to remember)
>We are still looking for a team of programmers, media artists etc. to
>work on the CD-ROM and web site - if you are interested contact us.

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