MISTICA: Re:Internet is only a matter for youths.......

Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 16:38:41 AST

The computer in itself will not solve the problem. Putting computers
in schools, with or without internet connections, will not create a
more educated population. Richard Harris wrote an excellent article on
the subject of the new Cargo Cult - "install a computer and the
problem is solved" - which many people seem to believe. I will try to
find the reference to this article which is available on the internet.
  It is how you use the computers rather than the machines in
themselves, which is important.
c) un símbolo d) una fuerza de transformación - these are something a
little different. However the symbolic power and the power to
transform will only remain effective if something can be seen to have
been achieved over time. Empty sybols lose their power.
I am replying now rather than at the end of February because my
computer at work and the modem at home broke down simultaneously,
effectively silencing me!
Best wishes
Deirdre Williams
St. Lucia

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