MISTICA: Re:Internet is only a matter for youths.......

From: Michel J. Menou (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 10:26:03 AST

En 27/2 Deirdre Williams escribe:
> I have my own very serious concerns about the need to view
> computers, and the internet, as tools to do things rather than
> things in themselves, ways to help solve the problem, not solutions.

Puede aclarar por favor; vejo una contradiccion en la ultima porcion.
De qualquier manera, seria mejor aceitar la idea que las TIC son a la ves
a) una herramienta para otros propositos
b) un producto en si
c) un symbolo
d) una fuerza de transformacion
e) tal ves otras cosas
Lo que necestiamos entender esta la interrelacion entre todas estas "caras".

[Would it be possible to explain more; I perceive a contradiction in the last
part of the sentence. In any cas it would be better to accept the fact that ICT
are at the same time tools usable for other purposes, a product in
themselves, a
symbol and a transformation power, may be other things. What we need to
understand in the interaction among these "faces".)


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