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Newsletter - No 80 - February 09, 2001
Extracts made by Mistica moderation:

[GLO - 05.02.2001] ICANN Board Member Rips At-Large Membership Study
By delaying its internal election process for up to two years, the powerful
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is cheating
rank-and-file Web users out of their right to have a voice in shaping
Internet policy, ICANN Board Member Karl Auerbach said today.

[ECO - 07.02.2001] UNCTAD chooses Lakbay.Net as a model of e-services in
developing countries (ITNETCENTRAL)
Lakbay.Net has been chosen as a model of e-services or e-tourism for
developing countries by the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and
Development) Expert Group on E-Commerce and Tourism.

[ECO - 05.02.2001] Spam Costs Users $9.4 Billion - EU Study (NEWSBYTES)
Unsolicited e-mail costs Internet subscribers worldwide 10 million euros -
$9.4 billion - in connection costs every year, according to a new study
released by the European Union's executive arm, the European Commission.

[IPR - 08.02.2001] In Defense of Copyleft (WIREDNEWS)
Software that is placed under "copyleft" -- as opposed to copyright -- may
be in a legal limbo and is still reliant on the concept of copyright, an
Irish legal expert says.,1283,41679,00.html

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