MISTICA: Fwd: [GKD] Report on the Global Development Gateway discussion

From: Michel J. Menou (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 10:59:36 AST


Michel Menou envia informacion sobre la disponibilidad del reporte (draft)
preparado por la gente del GKD acerca de la discusion del "Gateway" del
Banco Mundial. Para mas informacion, ir directamente a la pagina web donde
se encuentra alojado el archivo en formato pdf y html:

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Dear GKD colleagues,

As you know, GKD has been on hiatus since December 20, 2000. However, as
promised, we would like to follow up regarding the Report on the GDG
discussion. The draft Report has been completed, and is available in both
PDF and HTML format at:

Note that this is a draft version of the Report, and we welcome your
comments, suggestions, and corrections during the coming two weeks
(through Wednesday, February 21, 2001). We will integrate your input and
prepare a final draft to be submitted to the GDG team and again
disseminated to GKD members.

Please send your comments to: (do not just hit reply,
which will send your message to the GKD List. Please note that comments
will not be posted to the List).

If you do not have access to the Web, please send a request for the Report
to: In the subject line, type: Request GDG report

Finally, kindly note that the Report states that it is also available on
the Global Knowledge Partnership website, the GDG website, and the
Development Forum website. However, the Report was only just sent to those
organisations, and it will take some time for it to be uploaded to those

We would also like to let members know that we have been in discussions
with the GKP regarding resumption of the List discussion. We will send a
message soon with more details.

As ever, our deep thanks to all GKD members for your valuable
contributions, which have made GKD a paramount source of information about
the use of information and communications technologies for sustainable

Warm regards,

GKD Moderators

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Best regards,

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