MISTICA: Invitation E-conf on ICT of the Urban Poor in DC

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Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 17:19:11 AST

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From: "Julie Woodfield" <>
Subject: E-conference on 'Knowledge and Information systems of the Urban
Poor in Developing Countries'.

This is an invitation to subscribe to an electronic conference on the topic
of 'Knowledge and Information Systems of the Urban Poor in Developing
Countries'. This is part of the research study undertaken by ITDG and funded by DFID, on ways in which the
information systems and knowledge of poor urban dwellers can be

It is hoped that this e-mail conference will allow fellow researchers,
policy makers, donors, people working with poor communities, teachers or
trainers, communications specialists and other people interested in issues
around poor people's information needs, access and knowledge acquisition,
to provide inputs into the current research phase and that it will also be
of benefit to subscribers' own work. We would be particularly interested
if you could help to identify specific activities or projects which have
helped to inform poor people better or to strengthen their information
systems. We would like to write up the best examples of these and
disseminate them more widely as part of this project.

The conference will run over ten weeks, in five two weekly sessions which
will aim to consider the following themes:

1. Where and How Do Poor People Get Information? (22/1/2001 to 4/2/2001)
2. The Role of Information in the Development of Settlements and
Livelihoods. (5/2/2001 to 18/2/2001)
3. Modelling / Analysing Information Flows. (19/2/2001 to 4/3/2001)
4. Strengthening Systems and Processes. (5/3/2001 to 18/3/2001)
5. Outstanding Issues and Conclusions. (19/3/2001 to 30/3/2001)

More detailed information on these themes and further background to the
project is available in the conference background paper attached.

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To subscribe online, go to

To subscribe by email, send the following message to join URBAN-POOR-INFO FIRSTNAME LASTNAME

Dr. Julie Woodfield, Research Associate Urban Services Unit Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) Loughborough University, Leics, LE11 3TU England, UK Tel: +44 (0)1509 222393 Fax: +44 (0) 1509 211079 (WEDC) (GARNET)

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